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Leonardo BarbosaLeandro Barbosa starting to play the best basketball of his young career is going to be sidelined for the next 2-3 weeks.

Basketball is a contact sport, injuries happen.  Though it is concerning how this particularly came about.  Against the San Antonio Spurs, Manu Ginobili falls on Barobosa’s knee as he tries to draw a foul against Raja Bell.  Perhaps it’s time we add Manu Ginobili to the list of dirty tough defenders.


Channing FryeChanning Frye has been a nice addition for the NY Knicks this season; he has been scoring 20+ points his last 3 games, and will only get better. 

Normally it’s tough for rookies to crack the rotation, usually a lapse in defense, going too much one on one, or just the quickness of the game will give them the hook back to the bench.  After seeing him in action, he seems at ease with the game, letting the game come to him, not looking confused or flustered.  He also recognizes when he has a mis-match, only then, calling for the ball.  He has long range in his jump shot for a big man, which will help for a nice pick and pop game with the ball-handler. 

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nba logoLA Clippers, Golden State, Phoenix, LA Lakers, Sacramento that is the current standings for the 05-06 season.  What really strikes me is the overall change in philosophy by the Clippers and the Kings recently.  Clipper owner, Donald Sterling generally has been regarded as one of the stingiest owners in the NBA, never ponying up for free agents, and not even retaining some of their own home grown talent.  While the Maloof brothers in Sacramento, usually have been giving their players, fans and entire organization first class service.  This year, it’s bizarro world for these two teams.  The Clippers are no longer a pushover and Sac-town is turning into Sad-town.

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A typical Mets fans’ first knee jerk reaction of OF/ 1B Xavier Nady is probably going to go something like:

“I’ve heard of him, but isn’t he just an average player?  Cameron’s glove work and speed makes him a better player.  Couldn’t we get back a better player for him? Xavier Nady? Come on, that’s it? All we did was save money?”

So what was Omar Minaya thinking? Here is my take.

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Alex RodriguezSometimes I think the Baseball writers of America, just have some magical numerical formula for the yearly awards:

.300 BA + 40+ HR’s +120 RBI = MVP
20 Wins + an ERA under 3.00 = Cy Young award.

A-Rod beating out DH Slugger David Ortiz in a tight race and order has been restored in the baseball universe. 

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Steve PhillipsHot Stove fans have been recently tuning into ESPN’s SportsCenter every morning and checking out Steve Phillips’ mock press conferences.  Not only have they been highly uninformative, they have been downright corny, and just an overall disappointment.  I guess ESPN’s already a winner because we’re talking about it, and they got what they wanted, another viewer, making sure we don’t tune in to the Best Damn Sports Show on FSN.  Personally, seeing just one of these press conferences was enough for a lifetime.  I was hoping this would be an entertaining poke at MLB, or at least something informative, such as seeing the actually needs for the NL Champion Astro’s for next year.  Clemens anyone? Bagwell anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Instead we get a very realistic take on a press conference, were no questions were actually answered, but we did get to see Steve Phillips weasel around questions like his days as a Met GM and excused himself from the media and avoid all scrutiny.

NFL Week 11 Matchup

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Ladanian TomlinsonOk gang.  Week 11 is going to bring every NFL team to their 10th game.  So now, it is clear, hey are we a contender, pretender, or just eagerly waiting for next year?  Lets get straight to it.

My Game of the Week:
Buffalo (4-5) at San Diego Chargers (5-4)
Marty-ball has to let his players play and just outscore the opposition, not letting them have any hope of a comeback, like the Jets did two weeks ago.  The Chargers need this game because there last 3 games are brutal:

    at Indianapolis
    at Kansas City

A Buffalo loss and a New England win should give the Patriots some breathing room for another division crown and another year in the post-season.  JP Losman has a fighting chance against a San Diego Defense that does give up a lot of yards.  This game is going to mean a ton for both teams, with the Eagles/Giants game generating most of the attention for this week, this matchup shouldn’t fall under the radar.

Jose Calderon

Who is Jose Calderon? Apparently, even the most avid NBA fans haven’t the slightest idea who the rookie from the Spanish leagues of the past 6 years is. This NBA rookie PG of the Toronto Raptors is off to a fast start and seems to be a pro-ready player in the early showings of the young season. Kudos to the Toronto staff for plucking this guy in the same fashion they found serviceable PG Carlos Arroyo, another un-drafted player from the Spanish league a couple years ago.

How did I come across this potential diamond in the rough? Well, aside form the good ole box scores, also searching for the available free agents that have been dishing out dimes for my fantasy team.

Most analysts predict a poor season from the Raptors this year, but of course that doesn’t affect us fantasy players. As you readers are already aware of, there will always be players on bad teams that rack up the numbers on the box scores. Pick him up before someone else in your league sifts through the waiver wire.