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Gear Live sits down with Michael Strahan

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Michael Strahan is many things - Super Bowl champion with the New York Giants, sack master extraordinaire, future NFL Hall of Famer, and smooth skin aficionado.  Yes, you read correctly.  One of the hardest working defensive linemen to ever play the game in the trenches, Strahan has found a softer side after his retirement from football and it has a lot to do with his skin.  Strahan took time out to talk to us about the current NFL season and his latest promotion with Vaseline. Add another title to Strahan - comedic actor - as he is one of the main characters in Brothers, which appears on FOX on Sunday nights at 7PM ET.  Watch the video and you’ll see that comedy comes naturally to Strahan. 

A big thank you to our friend Nick Koof from The Filler Show for helping us with the interview.

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NFL Preview: Dallas Cowboys

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Tony Romo leads the Dallas Cowboys

2007 RECORD: 13-3

Overview: Expectations in Big D are sky-high and no one is going to be happy with anything less than a Super Bowl ring.  The past two years have seen the Dallas Cowboys bow out of the playoffs before their time.  Two years ago it was Tony Romo fumbling a PAT snap; last year it was losing to the Giants, a team they scored 76 points against in two regular season games.  There is a whole lotta ego in the locker room, and one thing for sure is that the Cowboys will not have a quiet 2008.

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NFL Preview: New York Giants

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Eli Manning of the New York Giants

2007 RECORD: 10-6
Overview: The New York Giants had the best postseason run in NFL history and possibly sports history last year.  To win three straight road games in the playoffs and to then knock off the seemingly invincible New England Patriots in the Super Bowl was absolutely amazing.  I don’t blame anyone for getting caught up in the Giants of the last four games, but let us not forget the Giants of the first 16 games.  Be excited about Eli Manning, be excited about the duo at the running back position, but we must curb our enthusiasm for many other aspects of this team in 2008.

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What is the Super Bowl, anyway?

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So, the Super Bowl happens in just a couple of days. Have you ever needed to explain to a child (or clueless non-football fan) what football is, and why the Super Bowl is so important? Our friend Ze gives it a shot…check out the video above. You may want to use this as your template for explaining the issue in the future - if you can be sure not to blink like he does. Hit us back with your thoughts in the comments.

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The End Score Report 001: Super Bowl XLI Predictions

The first episode of The End Score Report is up. Meet Dan Devone, FOX sports anchor, and check out his thoughts on this weekend’s Super Bowl XLI. He gives you his pick, plus a preview of some of the commercials we can look forward to seeing. That’s right - K-Fed is gonna blow up!

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