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Sony Purchases Video Sharing Website Grouper.com

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Sony Purchases Grouper.com

The video sharing website Grouper has been purchased by Sony Pictures Entertainment for $65m (£34m). The California-based website is the “second largest independent video community” currently on the world wide web, allowing users to upload, watch, and share video clips. Much of the appeal from sites like Grouper.com and others like YouTube stem from the fact that the offerings are available free of charge; however, many sites are now commercializing on their fame and Sony has said that grouper.com had potential for developing “ad-supported and premium-based services”.

While it is unlikely that any immediate changes will be made to the video website, paid services are almost guaranteed to be developed. Fortunately, the free sections of the site will keep on thriving as long as its community stays active.

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The French Maids Show How To Video Podcast

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Video is starting to take off in a big way on the Internet, what with services like , , , and others. If you have access to a camera and a Mac, the video lesson from the French Maid Podcast (above) should serve you well to beginning your way to creating video for the Internet. Wanna make money? Upload your videos to for a revenue share.

Anyone out there doing video for the Internet? Feel free to share the tools you use, or other general tips.