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Mr. Sulu Honored in Space

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George TakeiFirst Captain Kirk is given his own star, and now Star Trek’s Mr. Sulu has an asteroid with his name on it, located between Mars and Jupiter. Discovered by two Japanese astronomers in 1994, the 7307 Takei joins the list of other asteroids that have been named after Gene Roddenberry, Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura,) and writers Robert Heinlein and Isaac Asimov. There are about 165,000 asteroids that have been discovered and numbered, 14,000 of which have been named. While star naming is generally done by pay-per-star on the Net, the International Astronomical Union selects and chooses its honorees at no charge. Congrats, George.

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Celestron Honors Captain Kirk

William ShatnerWe’re not quite sure why we were notified about this, but we’re for anything that has to do with Star Trek and it’s first commander, Captain Kirk. William Shatner was recently honored as a favorite in a poll taken by Celestron, home of the SkyScout, the personal planetarium, as part of their Ultimate Backyard Adventure Sweepstakes promotion. He received more votes than other nominees which included Carl Sagan, Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, and The Simpsons.

His prize was not only receiving one of the systems (which retails for a whopping $429.00,) but also to have an actual star named after him. After being told he would now be a permanent part of the Final Frontier, Shatner replied, “I believe that you head toward the North Star and turn left, the one on the right is mine.”

(Thanks, Bethany)

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Will Russell Crowe Join ‘Star Trek’ Film?

Russell CroweAccording to the New York Post, may be dismounting his horse and going sci-fi for his next venture.

If the reports are true, we could see the 3:10 to Yuma star boldly heading where no man has gone before in the latest movie.  The details of his role are vague, but he’s being courted to play the villain in the series’ 11th installment.

The film, currently starring Zachary Quinto () as Spock and Anton Yelchin (Huff) as Chekov, is being directed by ().

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Original Star Trek To Go HD

Star Trek TVTrekkers should be thrilled that Toshiba and CBS have joined forces and will release the original Star Trek in HD DVD. The 10 disc set of Season One will have standard def on the other side. The discs also have a new 5.1 soundtrack, picture-in-picture comments, a detailed interactive tour of the Enterprise, and a chance to compare the remastered episodes with the original ones. The best part of the deal is that although the set’s MSRP is $199.00, you get a Phaser Remote with purchase. Expect the collection to land on the planet November 20. We wonder if Mr. Spock would have preferred Blu-Ray.

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The Return of Mr. Spock

Star Trek, the original series We’ve come a long way since the original Star Trek that captivated the imaginations of a generation. Several movies, four full-fledged series, and a million Trekkie conventions later, the Star Trek machine is still churning…and Leonard Nimoy is still Mr. Spock (whose first name, as we know, is unpronounceable). Nimoy will put the pointy ears on again to reprise his role in the newest Star Trek flick, which will be released in Christmas of 2008. Zachary Quinto, who looks rather like Nimoy and will play the young version of Spock, stood with the 76-year-old actor when the announcement was made at a recent convention. William Shatner is also said to have an appearance in the upcoming film, as none other than James T. Kirk, though this is as yet unconfirmed. During the convention, a fan asked Nimoy how he felt about being “replaced” by Quinto, to which Nimoy replied “It was logical.” You said it, Mr. Spock.

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The Mysterious Trailer Preceding ‘Transformers’

J.J. AbramsFor the millions of you who stepped out to see Transformers this past week—you probably walked away with one plaguing question:  What was the name of the movie for that trailer I saw?

Despite having seen the production logos, for a moment I wasn’t entirely sure I was watching a film teaser.  It almost seemed like a cheap commercial.  There were shots from a hand-held camera at some type of going-away party….flashes of lights in the sky….then building pieces (including the Statue of Liberty’s head) hurtling around.  Then nothing.  About the only thing indicating that it was a movie was a mention of the release date.  Then when I saw J.J. Abrams’ name—it all seemed quite fitting.

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Voyager Flat Available to Affluent Trekkers

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Starship Voyager Flat

Tony Alleyne designed a Star Trek-themed apartment based on the Starship Enterprise. After spending more than £30,000 (~US $58,000.00) to build it in England, he decided to sell it for £1.25 million (~$2.5 million). With no interest from bidders, he then upgraded it to a Voyager and changed the price to £500,000 (~$969,000.00.) Apparently the poor guy is still having no luck in finding a buyer, so if you are an eBay master you might want to handle the sale for him. Then again, if you are an conniving Trekker, maybe you can just trade for your transporter credits.

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Star Trek Prequel Set for 2008

Star Trek XI Logo
Trekkies nationwide rejoiced Tuesday when Paramount Pictures revealed its planned release date for the 11th Star Trek film.  Set to premiere on Christmas Day 2008, the film, at present being called simply Star Trek XI, will follow young Kirk and Spock through their years in Starfleet Academy and into their first official mission.  Screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, along with director J.J. Abrams (Mission: Impossible III), will again team up for the project, with shooting set to begin in the fall.

While all major details about plot and casting remain unknown, this upcoming entry sounds promising and may give the series a much needed


phaser in the pants.  Check back for more details as they unfold, right here on FilmCrunch.

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