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Bleeding Edge TV 183: HP “Your Life is the Show” Montage

A few days ago threw a big launch party in NYC celebrating the launch of a bunch of products. We are talking about new handhelds, consumer and business oriented notebook computers, and a bunch of other gadgets and software announcements. Over the next few days, we will be publishing a bunch of video content from the event, focusing on the products themselves. For now, enjoy this preview - a montage of the sights and sounds from the event.

UPDATES: Here are more videos from the event:


Bleeding Edge TV 177: Interview: Stacy Wolff, Director of Notebook Product Design at HP

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At Gnomedex 7.0, we caught up with Stacy Wolff of . This is the man in charge of designing all those shiny (literally) new laptops we have been seeing come out of Hewlett-Packard. We talk to Stacy about product design in a day and age where fashion can be just as important as function - after all, has turned computers into accessories. Stacy shows us the thought process behind a couple of new consumer-level and professional-level HP notebooks in this video.

Gallery: Unboxing the HP Pavilion TX1000 Entertainment Notebook

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We recently got our hands on the HP Pavilion TX1000 Entertainment Notebook (try saying that three times fast), and decided we would hook you guys up with another Unboxing gallery. This is one of the biggest galleries we have done, as we have forty-six images of the TX1000 for your vicarious viewing enjoyment. Unboxing the HP Pavilion TX1000 took us quite a while to complete, but when all was said and done, we walked away impressed.

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HP Buys VoodooPC

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VoodooPCAccording to a report from Dean Takahashi at Mercury News, Hewlett-Packard will be acquiring high-end gaming PC manufacturer VoodooPC for an undisclosed sum. This move clearly seeks to counter Dell’s recent acquisition of enthusiast-PC maker Alienware, but it looks like the integration for Voodoo will be deeper for HP.

The VoodooPC brand will still live on, but it remains to be seen how much of the core company survives integration. The co-founders, Rahul and Ravi Sood will take high profile positions in the company’s new gaming division in the personal technology group, so hopefully a lot of the esthetic of the company will live on. The Voodoo brand will benefit from access to Hewlett-Packard’s leverage in the supply chain, and HP clearly expects this acquisition to give them credibility in the gaming arena for some of their lower-end offerings.

The acquisitions by both Dell and HP seem to be driven by a couple of factors. First, it recognizes the hard-core PC gaming market as a segment with growth potential, but the focus on gaming also seems to be rooted in the need for both companies to differentiate their PC offerings on things other than price. The commoditization of the PC has made profit margins in the low-end PC market almost unsustainable and embracing the high-end may be one way to get away from cost pressures.

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