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Nintendogs Strategy Guide

So I have been messing with Nintendogs since it launched, and it really is an impressive title. There is a lot on the surface, but there is even more if you dig a bit deeper into the game. I particularly love it when Apple (my Golden Retriever) happily finds me a present and brings it to me. If you are tired of walking your dog and putting it through competitions on to see it fail time and time again, check out the 1Up Nintendogs strategy guide. Within, you will find advanced tricks along with ways to unlock more dogs in your game. Unfortunately, still nothing on the whole “I don’t want to scoop poop” cheat code. Deal with it.

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NintendogsRelationship psychologist Susan Quilliam has found that playing a game like Nintendogs, or any other virtual pet game, can help develop our motor skills, attention span, and our ability to solve problems.  So you benefit in two ways - a fun and entertaining mental exercise, and you don’t need to pick up any poop.

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DescriptionStarting Sunday morning, Circuit City will be having a blowout sale on select Video Games for $9.99 each.  The sale is much like the one they had last year where games were only $4.99, but it seems that they are a little more organized this year because many stores have already pulled the games off the floor to prevent people from buying them early. To see the game list check out the post in our forums. The madness starts on July 3.

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DescriptionThe students at Southern California’s School of Cinema-Television has the unique opportunity to earn either $5,000 or a 4-week internship at EA’s Maxis Studios. The students are to use the video creation tools which are a part of The Sims 2 to come up with the best 3 minute (or so) family-friendly film starring The Sims. You can check out the complete guidelines here.

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Sims 2 consoleTo absolutely no surprise whatsoever, EA announced that they will be releasing the Sims 2 on all the home consoles and the DS and PSP. What’s the difference? EA continues to lure its fans to buy every version some way or another by tweaking small details.  PC gamers led their Sims around clicking on objects, or other Sims, and choosing an action. Console gamers will be the first to experience direct control of their character.  The portable versions will include storylines alongside the playable characters.

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