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PokePark DS

Calling all Pokemon fanatics! Walmart.com has an exclusive Nintendo DS for all collectors and Pokemon fans out there. The PokePark DS has a silhouette of Pikachu in the upper left hand corner when opened and a PokePark Logo on the back of the front cover. Get yours today for the same price of the regular Nintendo DS of $129.99.

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Xbox 360 PS3 ComparisonMakes the Xbox 360 look a lot bigger, huh? And yes, the consoles are shown to scale - see the ethernet ports.

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Xbox 360

A 360 Insider blogger reported yesterday of a Microsoft customer service representative explaining that the 360 wasn’t designed to play games in the vertical position.

The owner of the Xbox 360 at hand originally contact customer support because his 360 suddenly stopped reading games. When asked for a solution to the problem, the customer rep simply said to place the console horizontally and asserted that the machine wasn’t designed to be played standing vertically. Sure enough, the Xbox 360 started working again when placed horizontally.

We’ve all heard of misinformed reps, so is the Microsoft rep here just mistaken? After all, Microsoft has shown the Xbox 360 positioned vertically more times than we can count. In fact, all of the in-store kiosks we’ve seen feature the Xbox 360 standing vertically. Should all those consoles be set horizontally? And why did the console at hand start working again when placed horizontally? Will the 360 work better and last longer if it isn’t positioned vertically?

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Apple iPlaySomeone out there pondered what an Apple-branded game console might look like, and whipped up a few mockups for the world to see. From our perspective, this looks more like a paper shredder and/or office trash can than a game console - but then again, so does the Sony PS3. Check out a few more images after the jump.

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