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Halo Movies based on video games have typically not fared well. Even before Uwe Boll started his video game franchise serial killings, games like Super Mario Bros., Street Fighter, and Wing Commander have been particularly painful releases. Halo fans, though, have some reason to hope. First, the aforementioned Boll is not going to be allowed anywhere near the Halo production, as a director has been chosen. Second, the movie is not being produced as a tax write-off involving complex German tax laws. Third, Peter Jackson has generally been very respectful of the source material of the movies created under his watch. Finally, at least according to an interview conducted by Ain’t It Cool News, director Neill Blomkamp is a fan of the game and is very committed to bringing the Halo universe to life.

There is certainly room in the Halo universe to both be faithful to and expand the backstory, but it is a bit too early to guess at what approach the movie is going to take. Blomkamp does drop some hints as to what he is thinking in the interview, and certainly there is room for hope that the upcoming movie can break the chain of bad video game releases.

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Microsoft today announced that a director and an anticipated release date have been selected for the Halo movie. According to a report on Xbox.com, Neill Blomkamp will make his feature film debut with the movie, currently targeted for a release in Summer 2008. Peter Jackson had previously been announced as producer, and his effects studios, Weta Digital and Weta Workshop will provide the special effects for the movie. Blomkamp’s previous experience has been in commercial and short films, a couple of which gamers might be familiar with. Both Blomkamp’s Citroen transformer advertisement and the Tetra Vaal clip featuring a robotic law officer were popular viral videos. His short film, Alive in Joberg, shown above, takes his previous work to the next level. This type of effects integration and imagery should give gamers an idea of what to expect from the big budget Halo adaptation in 2008.

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