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Friday January 19, 2007 3:37 pm

Wave Bubble Protects Against RF Jamming

Wave Bubble

We know that jamming is illegal, still we have to give kudos to hacker/researcher “Lady Ada” at MIT’s Media Lab for allowing us to defend our personal spaces with what appears to be a pack of cigarettes. The Wave Bubble features a rechargeable internal lithium-battery for up to 2 hours of jamming two bands in a cell phone or 4 hours in a single band such as a GPS, cordless phone, or WiFi. Three AAA batteries can also be utilized. The Bubble’s range is about a 20 ft. radius, if you have a decent antenna, and its output is .1W to .3W.

Lady Ada claims that neither the RF jammer nor its specs will ever be available due to FCC regs, and doesn’t recommend that build your own if you are an amateur technology geek. Thanks for the info, Lady Ada. We can take it from here.


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