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Monday December 2, 2013 5:46 pm

SOL Republic JAX headphones review


We can’t all afford to pay $100 for a pair of earbuds that we’ll probably lose or break. SOL Republic, a popular name in the headphone industry, has recently released an affordable pair of in-ear headphones that gives similarly priced headphones a run for their money. The SOL Republic JAX feature a tangle-free flat cable, a three-button inline ControlTalk with microphone, and serious audio quality. Are they good enough to warrant your attention? We bring you our full SOL Republic JAX review to answer that question.


In the box:

  • SOL REPUBLIC JAX headphones
  • 3 extra pairs of earbud tips of varying sizes
  • Information booklets


Sol Republic Jax review

When you remove the SOL Republic JAX from the box, one of the first things you notice is how nice and lightweight they are, even for a pair of in-ear headphones (a.k.a. earbuds.) The flat fettucini-like cord is also unique, and aids in helping to maintain a tangle-free experience. The three-button model has a three-button in-built remote, which allows you to control the volume of your music, as well as a button you can use to answer calls and enable voice controls on your device, like Siri. SOL Republic makes the JAX headphones in 9 colors for the 1-button model, and two colors for the 3-button version. Both models sell for $39.99 (although you can get them for much less on Amazon.

The remote is great--it's not anything that you won't find on plenty of other headphones, but what's good here is that the JAX remote does a good job at making sure you know which button is which, even when you aren't looking at it. We find that the remote works best with Apple iOS devices, but you can also use the remote with Android devices, but your mileage may very.

It's also nice that there are four different sizes of earbud tips included in the box, to help ensure as good a seal as possible while you're bumping your tunes. The tips are all the same shape, but come in varied sizes, so if cylinder shapes in your ears aren't your thing, then you may wanna check out the SOL Republic Amps.

As far as sound, for the price, these sound great. If you like listening to music on your mobile device, the fact is that the included headphones that come with your smartphone simply don't measure up to something like the SOL Republic JAX. For a fair price, you get the SOL Republic i2 sound engines, fancy-speak that just means that the headphones are tuned to sound good. Clear and crisp, with decent bass, mids, and highs.


sol republic jax colors

We like the SOL Republic JAX headphones, and can easily recommend them to anyone who wants to up their music listening game from the standard, cheap, stock headphones that comes with mobile devices. It's a nice upgrade to your listening experience for those who aren't looking to spend hundreds on huge over-ear cans. If you want a pair of simple in-ears that look good, fit well, and sound great at a decent price, look no further.

You can pick up the SOL Republic JAX on Amazon for $35.76.

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