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Wednesday February 22, 2006 5:52 pm

SED Displays Delayed Until Next Year?

Posted by John Goulden Categories: HDTV, Rumors

SED HDTV Delays?Toshiba announced that their intended target of a Spring 2006 launch might have to be pushed back till 2007.  In essence, because the technology is in it’s infancy, there aren’t enough of the required components for production.  SED stands for Surface-conduction Electron-emission Display, and has the best features of traditional CRTs and LCD panels.  SED displays operate in a similar fashion to CRTs and subsequently have better refresh rates and are able to reproduce the deep blacks that LCDs have trouble with.  However, unlike CRT displays, they are as thin as your typical LCD so bulky TVs become a thing of the past.  Delays are inevitable with new technology, but even so, Toshiba and Canon (who have partnered to produce SEDs), can’t be too happy.

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