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Wednesday September 26, 2007 4:57 pm

Vaja iVolution Top SP Flip Holster for the iPhone reviewed

Surrounding the release of ‘s there was a flurry excitement surrounding various cases to protect and showcase a consumer’s shiny new obsession. A number of cases including simple cloth slipcovers, protective rubber enclosures, and elaborate leather constructions flooded onto the market, each with different plusses and minuses.

Gear Live has previously reviewed several of the high-end leather cases by Argentinean case manufacturer , and given our extremely positive experiences in the past, we jumped at the opportunity to check out their new iVolution line of iPhone cases. The iVolution line has a number of different styles of cases and holsters, and we selected the fully-enclosed protection offered by the iVolution Top SP Holster. Click through the jump for the full in-depth review.

Vaja has long been known for their high quality hard-leather cases and the iVolution line is no exception. The Top SP Holster features hardened leather to offer a high level of protection while maintaining a soft, supple, and luxurious exterior - they all but beg to be touched and held rather than jammed in a pocket, although with their sleek design and non-rubberized texture they do slip quite nicely into virtually any pocket.

For the fashion conscious, the iVolution line come in 39 different colors of leather. With the SP option adding a accent stripe in another color of your choice there are more than 1,000 different options per model, and with 11 different models, you can be assured you are not likely to meet another iPhone user with your exact case. All in all the line offers more than 12,000 distinct cases for the iPhone - this is a rare chance to buy a unique iPhone accessory. Each case can also be upgraded with holster clips for your belt or wrist straps to make carrying and protecting your Very Expensive Device™ just a little bit easier.

Vaja iVolution for iPhone

The Top SP Holster model wraps entirely around the iPhone, while still exposing the headphone jack, power button, camera, silence switch, and volume rocker. The edge of the case actually serves to guide your finger to the volume rocker for easy volume changes while listening to music with your iPhone in your pocket. The top of the flip cover that protects the glass screen has a curved end which secures the cover nicely over the screen while still remaining easy to pop free with your thumb for instant access to the iPhone.

Inserting and removing the iPhone from the Top SP Holster is a breeze. The iPhone slides in from the top, and then pops free with a push from the bottom. The hard formed sides of the case firmly grip the iPhone and leave no fears that it will slip out while the case is either open or closed. When the case is open the dock connector is accessible - while the iPhone will not work in the standard dock it’s easy to plug in the dock cable directly to the iPhone for syncing and charging.

Vaja iVolution iPhone Review

In addition to being able to connect with a dock cable while the case is open, the Top SP Holster features vonvenient cutouts in it’s design at the bottom to allow both the speaker and microphone to work while the case is closed. The ringer is clear and loud while the case is closed, and after a call is started you can actually close the flip cover and talk through it.  The leather also provides for a mostly RF transparent material so neither cellular calls nor bluetooth headsets have a problem reaching the iPhone while it’s nestled safely away.

One final bonus of the Top SP Holster is that while watching video the flip cover makes a great kick stand. On a flat surface it’s easy to prop your iPhone up and watch video podcasts (like Bleeding Edge TV), TV shows, and YouTube. This method of viewing works equally well when used with the built in speaker or with earbuds.

Vaja iVolution for iPod Review ScoreThe Vaja iVolution Top SP Holster gets high marks for it’s luxurious feel, protection abilities, and stunning looks. With an $80 price tag for such a well put together and highly customized look, it’s not for everyone - but it’s certainly for us. Head over to Vaja to check them out yourself.

Gallery: Vaja iVolution Top SP Flip Holster for the iPhone reviewed

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