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Sunday March 23, 2008 5:24 pm

Review: MSN Missile Launcher/Webcam

MSN Missile Launcher/Webcam

There is no better way to spend a weekend than by playing with electronic toys. The MSN Missile Launcher/Webcam is no exception. Firebox was kind enough to allow us to get our hands on one. It comes with software that makes it really simple to load and takes only a few seconds. With a toy like this, it is easy to get addicted. We only wish we had two for all out virtual/real warfare. Read our full review and see a short video demo after the jump.

(Thanks, Jen and Kent)

Playing with this is like Battleship, only with real projectiles. The foam missiles went a lot farther than we expected and although we aimed for a few feet with the included paper target, they reached almost two rooms away. Aiming them is done on screen; you can pan and tilt and fire away with the center button. Our cat thought they were for her (she likes to fetch,) until we took them away from her.

We decided to play with only humans, then wished the cat had returned so we didn’t have to keep chasing after them. We also turned on the sound effects which were loud considering the size of the gadget. By the way, you need two open USB ports to connect the device.

Getting the webcam to work was also done with little effort. Once you turn it on and connect to MSN IM, you can share with others. Here is where the 2-fer comes in. If you have a pair of launchers, you can battle with your crony on your end and command his/her missile on your screen. They, in turn, do the same


to you. What a great diversion for a dull lunch hour or cubicle war at a price of $59.95, the same amount you might pay for a webcam itself.

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