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Sunday April 27, 2008 12:54 pm

Review: USB Exercising Mouse

USB Exercising Mouse

This little guy has been out for a while now, but when our English buds from Crazy About Gadgets sent us a USB Exercising Mouse, we just had to put him through his paces (pun intended.) While waiting for the software to upload, we noticed that Microsoft warned us that it had not undergone safety testing by them. (Thanks for looking out for us, but we’ll take the risk.) Full review and video after the jump.

(Thanks, Phillip)

Software is included in the form of a mini-CD that connects you in a matter of minutes. There are several options, including auto-launch, sensitivity, and some rather annoying music to go along with the his antics. It sounds a little like the tune that was on the Six Flags commercial a few years back.

Basically, the little rodent counts your words and the faster you type, the faster he cycles. No wonder his legs are so skinny. Only those move and we wish that he would speak up once in a while and say, “Faster, Faster!” or “Gee, you have nice hands.” We also noticed that if you push the shift key or space bar he goes nuts. Numbers make him move, but don’t count as words (203 words.)

When you get through the initial buzz of playing with the mouse, take the humiliating Secretary Test. Put a book or magazine next to you and type away for 3 minutes. The mouse tells you the wpm rate as well as total words. Needless to say,  when we saw our results, we found that the pros are safe for now.

There is also a reset option in case you want to start again. This would be great if you needed a minimum of words for an article or school report that you know you have to pad. Just remember that if you delete a word, the mouse won’t remove it from the count. And, as per usual, our cat thought the toy was for her as evidenced in the video (334 words.)

As for minimal requirements, you need Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP. It is also adaptable for Windows Vista with minimal changes. You need at least 100 MB hard drive space, and 128 MB RAM, USB 1.1 or 2.0, and a 133MHZ or higher processor.

By now we are quite fond of the gadget although we suppose he might drive some of your family members nutsy after a while. Even so, this is a great gift idea for someone who is learning to type and needs the practice. Then again, it is also for those that can no longer type as quickly as they did 10 years ago and want to increase their speed. The software keeps track of your top six daily counts. You can get your own USB Exercising Mouse for £19.95 ($37.87) at Crazy About Gadgets. (471 words.)

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