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Wednesday March 25, 2009 1:57 pm

Wicked Lasers Spyder II GX review

Wicked Lasers Spyder II GX

We’ve been playing with the Spyder II GX laser for a few weeks now, and wanted to report back with some of our initial thoughts because we hit you with a video feature on Bleeding Edge TV.

So the Spyder II GX is a military-grade green laser that is housed in a light, black aluminum shell. The casing seems to be sctrach-proof, and just looks good. With purchase, you get the laser, two rechargeable lithium ion 18650 batteries (the lasers is powered by one, you so can always have a spare charged,) a pair of green 532nm LaserShades (to protect the eyes,) and a universal battery charger. All that will cost you $1,699.99.

Obviously, the highlight here, though, is the laser itself. Now we aren’t going to get into all sorts of deep technical specs and semantics, but let’s run down the basics. The Spyder GX II sports a 532nm wavelength green laser, output at 200-300mW. The battery lasts for just about an hour, and the expected lifetime of the laser is over 5,000 hours.

We must say, this thing is cool. We’ve got to play with many lasers in our time, including others from Wicked Lasers, and the Spyder II GX is our favorite. The beam is strong, almost too strong to even look at it shining on a surface. I mean, this thing is bright. I’m a big fan of lasers that you can see the entire beam of, which is exactly what this green laser does. Shine it up into the night sky (but not at airplanes) and you are immediately impressed, as it looks like you can touch the moon and the stars with the seemingly never-ending beam. It’s off the hook.

We will be doing a few things in video to show off the laser, so look out for that one soon.

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a bit expensive but pretty cool. I have been wanting to get a green aviation grade laser eventually. I'd like to MOD it as well. I am sure that I could entertain myself quite a bit burning various things with it LOL

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