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Friday January 27, 2006 2:30 pm

iTunes Remembers Your iPod Serial Number

Posted by Edwin Soto Categories: Apple, Mods / Hacks

iPod from the backHere’s just a little tip for those of you looking for you iPod serial number.  In case your are wondering why you would do it, check out this guy’s story:

My iPod was recently stolen out of my car, and in the process of reporting it to the police, they asked for the serial number. I was at a loss to provide it, seeing as how my iPod had been stolen.

Anyway, I was playing around in iTunes and went to the iPod tab in Preferences to see if it had the serial number anywhere. It didn’t appear to be there, but when I went to click another tab, I accidentally clicked where it said “No iPod Connected.” It turned into “Last iPod Connected: XYZ123,” where XYZ123 was the serial number of my iPod.

I guess if you are filing a police report it is best to have this information handy.  Hopefully this won’t happen to any of you, but this can also be useful if you lose your iPod at school or work and have an idea of who may have done it.

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