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Wednesday June 16, 2004 12:15 pm

iSkin Evo Review

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Accessories, Product Reviews

If you have been looking for a protective case for your iPod, but haven't had much luck, look no further than the iSkin eVo. See why we think this protective case is the real deal.

  • iSkin evo is made of flexible silicone.
  • Available in multiple sizes, to perfectly fit your iPod. Just tell them your iPod model.
  • Since it allows FireWire port access, the evo can be left on the iPod while charging.
  • The evo has heat pores on the back so eliminate the possibility of overheating.

When you purchase a hard drive based portable audio player, chances are you spent a pretty penny. The wise thing to do, is buy some sort of protection for the device in the event that you drop it, spill something on it, etc. For the iPod, there are a vast amount of third party companies each releasing their version of a protective case. iSkin Inc. is one of these companies.

iSkin Inc. sent me a sample evo to review. When the item arrived, I was first surprised at how utterly simple it was. Compared to all the elaborate cases you will find in stores, the iSkin evo is simply a molded piece of silicone. However, once you put your iPod into the skin, you find that this is a very ingenious solution.

The evo Skin is exactly what it sounds like. If your iPod was the "bones", then the evo is the skin that covers it. It's like a glove for the iPod. It's rubbery texture let's you know that in case of a fall, your iPod will probably be fine. iSkin also includes a screen protector, which fits right over the iPod screen to eliminate all the scratches that the screen seems to automatically accumulate.

The evo Skin is constructed so that all accessories can be used with your iPod while in the skin. For example, if you want to use your iTrip or NavPod, you can do so without having to remove the iSkin.

The iSkin evo also comes with a RevoClip. This is a belt clip that attaches to the back of the evo, which revolves allowing you to wear it in the way most comfortable for you.

The glow in the dark feature was lacking. On the iSkin website, the glow was about three times as bright in the images than the actual unit performed. However, glow isn't the issue here, be confident that the evo works well.

  • Fits iPod perfectly - like a glove.
  • RevoClip makes carrying your iPod a lot more convenient.
  • The included screen protector is a great final touch to complete surface protection.

  • The silicone material can be a dust magnet.
  • Access to the four touch buttons feels restricted.
  • The glow is not as strong as website images would have you believe.

The iSkin evo is one of the best iPod protectors or cases available. It is simple molded silicone that covers every part, except for the touch wheel, buttons, and ports. If you drop your iPod while it is in this casing, the only thing that may break is the RevoClip, which costs infinitely less than your high-priced iPod.

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