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Thursday January 25, 2007 1:58 pm

Hitachi Reveals New Line of Hybridcams

Hitachi Hybridcam 

Hitachi has already reared its innovative head with its DZ-HS300E, 301E, 303E Hybridcams which combine both the large capacity of HDD with the convenience of DVD. They feature a multiformat +DVD-RAM/-R/ -RW/+RW burning capability. You can shoot, select, burn, and share without the aid of a computer.

Just as we are adjusting to that wondrous idea, out comes new models, the DZHS-401 and DZHS-403 with an 8GB hard disk, DVD burner, and 3.31 Mpix CCD, and the DZ-HS-503 with a 30GB hard disk. We’re not really complaining. We love that their technology is cutting edge. We just wonder why they decided to ruin the mood by offering it in pink.


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