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Monday December 19, 2016 8:28 pm

Google Pixel vs. Nexus 6P: Which is the Better Android Smartphone?

Google Pixel vs Nexus 6P

The Pixel and the Nexus are like brothers from another mother. On the one hand, you've got Google's best from last year and on the other, Google's best from this year. But how does the Nexus 6P stack up against the Pixel, one year later? Let's find out.

If you look at design, they're pretty far apart. The 6P's metal build with a visor up top is definitely premium but so is the Pixel's metal and glass combination. Their size comes down to personal preference but you can pick up the Pixel over the Pixel XL if size matters to you.

Shifting over to media consumption, the 6P's 5.7" AMOLED display is slightly larger than the Pixel XL's 5.5" one. Both are Quad HD panels with very little to tell apart and both are protected by Gorilla Glass 4, which was disappointing considering GG5 was available when the Pixel XL was in production but the front facing speakers on the 6P really makes it stand out. They're one of the best on a smartphone and the Pixel's mono speaker cannot compete with their clarity and audio levels.

But the internals on the Pixel really do make the 6P show its age. The Snapdragon 810 chip and 3GB of RAM aren't any match for the Pixel's latest Snapdragon 821 and 4GB of RAM. Although both run stock Android Nougat smoothly with no hitch, some Pixel only features like the launcher and Google's new Assistant are compelling reasons why you should consider the Pixel XL.

As far as camera is concerned, the trend continues with the Pixel XL outshining the 6P once again. Both have a 12.3MP sensor but the Pixel is definitely the more refined and improved. The DxO mark score of 89 for the Pixel speaks for itself but where it really shines is the HDR and very fast shutter speed. A nifty software trick also allows you to simulate a lens blur in the app which works well. (fill in the blanks with more camera information)

Lastly, it all comes down to battery and price. The 6P and XL have a 3450mAH battery but they use it differently with the Pixel XL the more efficient of the two devices, some sources claiming even 40% more efficient.

But let's get to what really matters, price. The Nexus 6P sells for almost $250 less than the Pixel XL at $500. Sure the extra power is great and the camera is a significant upgrade but a true Google experience at this price with amazing multimedia consumption capabilities is hard to beat. The 6P still remains a very viable option and if you're not into specifications much, the phone at its current price might be the perfect choice.

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