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Thursday August 5, 2004 1:14 pm

Fresh2 Odor Eliminating Light Bulb Review

Fresh2 Bulb Review
When I started the Gear Live site, I was excited to bring the latest technology news to our readers, and that meant reviews of the hottest gear. But I never thought I would be doing this. You see, I have been testing what, in all honesty, is just a great peice of technology. It isn't an MP3 player, cell phone, or even a high tech cooling device. Nope - this is a light bulb.


Before you click away, hear me out. You see, Gear Live gets excited about the better gadgets out there that we feel everyone should own, and it turns out that this is one of those gadgets. You see, the Fresh2 bulb has a very unique feature that has to be seen - or smelled - to be believed. When you turn on this bulb, Fresh2 claims that within 10 minutes it will begin the process of deoderizing the air in the room it is placed in. Intrigued? So were we.

We asked Fresh2 to send us a couple of bulbs that we could put to the test. When they arrived, the first thing we noticed was the interesting sprial shape of the bulbs. Feeling the actual bulb, it felt like smooth plastic - almost slick. I put one of these bulbs in the living room, and the other in the bathroom. Poor bathroom bulb. It was going to have a hard time proving itself.

Fresh2 Bulb Review

Before getting into the odor-killing properties of these bulbs, let me tell you that they are BRIGHT. Despite being a 23-watt Compact Flourescent Bulb, these things shine without making you cry when the energy bill shows up. So the first test was passed...it works as a lightbulb, and does it well.

My living room is right next to the kitchen, so normally when something is cooking, you can smell it in the next room for a while after it has been done, and devoured. I figured I would watch for this while testing the product. Obviously the bathroom is, well, the bathroom. I don't think I need to go into too much explanation there. However, I was monitoring the success of the Fresh2 light bulb in there as well. I got some surprising results:

While using the Fresh2 bulb, I could still smell food cooking in the kitchen, while it was cooking. However, once it was done, the smell was gone within 15 minutes. I mean, there was just a very slight hint of the food. A few minutes after that it was just gone. It wasn't a fluke either, as it happened time and time again. If the light was off, say during the morning, the results were not the same. So the Fresh2 bulb did its thing.

Fresh2 Bulb Review

In the bathroom, I didn't expect as much success. After all, people keep things that smell good in the bathroom to counteract the things that smell bad. I am talking sprays, potpourri, lotions, candles, and whatever else people can think of. The Fresh2 bulb does not smell good. Don't get me wrong, it does not smell bad either. It simply smells like nothing; and that is what the bathroom smelled like after about 10 minutes of Fresh2 treatment. Absolutely nothing. No matter what happened in there, the Fresh2 left it smelling like a regular old room.

Well, the Fresh2 bulb did exactly what they said they would do, but not exactly in the amount of time they advertise. Hey, I don't mind waiting an extra 5-10 minutes for the desired results. It is a rarity to find combo devices that work well at both things they are trying to accomplish. The Fresh2 lightbulb is one of those rarities.

Fresh2 Site: www.fresh2.com
MSRP: $19.99 USD - 2 Bulbs

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