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Tuesday April 26, 2016 8:48 pm

Ditch the Chair and Get a Standing Desk

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Misc. Tech

Updesk Upwrite

We know that sitting down in the same spot all day isn't fun, and it may be contributing negatively to our health – and we have the science to back it up, too. Sitting behind a desk is very unhealthy for your body, but there aren't exactly a lot of opportunities to move around…unless you've got a standing desk.

The best standing desks today are designed to stand high enough that you can get out of that chair and on your feet to do your work. The best versions tend to have several different settings and motorized controls, so you can choose to return the desk to a sit-down position whenever you want, or have different heights for different users. As you can imagine, this helps open up the workplace and can even encourage you to burn off a few more calories. Standing desks may also help you save space, rearrange large projects more efficiently, and finally find the perfect arrangement for all your work accessories like smartphones and laptops. Here are a couple of our favorite standing desks, and why they are worth the consideration.

NextDesk Terra - $1,500 base model

NextDesk has made a name for itself as one of the best standing desks by offering high-quality, eco-friendly materials and a lightweight design that still manages to include motorized lifts and setting options. NextDesk has also given the Terra several options for cable holes, cable covers, bars for resting your feet, and other handy features. However, all this quality does come with a price, and you'll have to pay well over $1,000 to get the desk that you want.

Nextdesk terra

UpDesk UpWrite - $1,000

UpDesk's UpWrite model is a cheaper option that has a sexy curve and manages to also include an electric motor for raising and lifting the desk to the right height. It's an ideal, utilitarian desk that doesn't offer as many extras but makes up for it with affordability and a design that makes it easy to set up or move around.

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