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Wednesday February 15, 2006 7:35 pm

Daystar Technology Announces MAChSpeed G4 Powerbook CPU Upgrades

Posted by Frank Bisono Categories: Apple, Mods / Hacks, PC / Laptop

Daystar TechnologiesToday Daystar Technology announced their XLR8 MAChSpeed G4 PowerBook Aluminum Upgrades.  Daystar claims that the low-power 7447 G4 CPU’s are 100% compatible with everything you run today on Panther or Tiger.  According to Daystar:

The XLR8 MAChSpeed G4 Aluminum CPU upgrade, will energize your PowerBook with new life. With real-world performance, you’re getting a completely different user experience!
This upgrade not only delivers from 1.92 to 2.0 GHz PowerPC performance, but operates with everything you have now - that translates to more performance in half the time. That’s half the time to create, to view, to work… and twice the time to play!.

Those are some pretty hefty claims.  The most interesting claim is that these new CPU upgrades are FASTER than even the new MacBook Pro!  We find that one a little hard to swallow, but without definitive 3rd party benchmarking tests, we won’t know for sure if these claims are real.  Daystar says that their Apple Certified Technicians will install all new components (CPU w/512 KB cache and mobo mods), as well as run a 21 point diagnostic test on your system at no charge.

For those of you that just can’t seem to part with your laptop for more than a couple days, or need it for production on a daily basis, Daystar even has a week-ender program for nearly zero down-time. 

This program includes overnight shipping of your iMac (USA only), and 12 hour conversion of your system. So, you ship your system on Thursday, then start working at G4 speeds Monday! Yes, it is expensive, but if downtime is an issue, this is your answer.

If all of Daystar’s claims turn out to be legit, then this seems like a great way to squeeze a little more performance out of your current PowerBooks, while you wait for the 2nd gen. MacBook Pro which should have all the bugs ironed out by then.  One thing we can’t seem to figure out is why the heck Daystar offers upgrades for Titanium PowerBooks from 400-550MHz, then jumps right to the Aluminum Powerbooks.  They completely left those of us with 800MHz TiBooks out in the cold.  What gives Daystar?  Pricing and additional details for their all products are available on their site.

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