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Tuesday January 10, 2012 4:10 pm

Acura NSX concept brings hope for the return of a classic

Acura NSX concept car

The death of a legend left many asking "Why?" Honda has always been pushing the envelope in reliability and fuel efficiency, from the days it rocked Detroit with its Civic CRX HF, a car which was fun to drive, yet provided the fuel efficiency people wanted; to its current line-up which holds true to that same spirit. However, the lack of a true sports car has haunted Honda's line-up from they day they killed the NSX. While Detroit pushed ahead with its pony cars, Honda was left in the dust put-putting along. 

Well those days are hopefully soon to be over. The rebirth of its sports car, the Acura NSX will push the industry and consumer standard of what we expect a sports car should be. As we all fight for greater fuel efficiency and alternative fuels, that leaves the word of sports cars a thing of the past. Or does it?

Honda's annoucement of the Acura NSX has changed that. The car is still sporty in the sense that we know, be it look and feel, but it packs a suprising punch to traditionalism in what's under the hood. The concept NSX will stay true to its roots by packing a V6, but along side of that it will have three additonal electric motors powering the car. Although horsepower will not be astronomical, the power-to-weight ratio will be favorable, says the automaker.

Though I am interested in seeing how an electric-gasoline powered motor will handle on an AWD supercar, its true test will be that of the industry and consumers. The question to be asked here is, are we ready for a hybird supercar? Despite the fact that the terms "supercar" and "hybrid" are polar opposites in the automotive industry, we're exited to see the rebirth of the Acura NSX and the technology laced within its DNA.

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