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Sex and the City Sequel Spoilers!

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Sex and the City

The big-screen sequel is a done deal. The wheels are in motion. The train has left the station. And the spoiler excitement has only just begun. What will happen in the Sex-y new flick? Where will life take Carrie and Big?

Do you really want to know? Follow the jump to get Sex and the City sequel spoilers.

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Sex and the City Sequel is a Done Deal

Sex and the City

Ladies, get your high heels ready. All the appropriate contracts have been signed, and is becoming an even bigger franchise. That’s right: a Sex sequel will be forthcoming.

A spokesperson for New Line has confirmed that the movie’s four female stars and head writer Michael Patrick King have signed on for much more Sex. This news probably doesn’t come as much of a shock. After the money the first flick made, New Line would probably do anything to get the girls back on the set.

The movie will be in theaters, if all goes according to plan, sometime in the summer of 2010. And what’s the word on the script? In a recent statement, King had this to say: “I’m very excited to work with these amazing actresses again and would love to give everyone more information about the sequel…but I’m busy with my Sex life.”

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Sarah Jessica Parker - No Plans for Bradshaw Baby

Sarah Jessica Parker

“We need to figure this out in the next couple of months,” Sarah Jessica Parker recently told MTV News, discussing a possible timetable for the next movie. The actress hopes to start shooting the film next summer, saying “that’s when we’d start shooting to be out in 2010.”

“We’ve had very general conversations about the idea,” she said, saying “that’s the big hurdle: the idea.” But, apparently (and despite rumors), motherhood for Carrie isn’t on the agenda.

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More Sex in Store: Kim Cattrall Announces Sequel

Sex and the City

During an appearance on the British-based Paul O’Grady Show, announced the news that is even now setting women into a frenzy: “Yes there will!” Cattrall cried when ask if there will be a sequel to the summer’s mega-popular Sex and the City movie.

According to New Line Cinema, negotiation are still ongoing for a sequel. Years ago, when the series first ended, rumor states it was Cattrall herself who stymied progress on a movie plan. She backed out; they ditched the idea until it re-surfaced in 2008.

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Sex and the City Sequel Talk

Sex and the City Movie

I think you could probably file this under the “No Duh” category. During the Television Critics Association press tour yesterday, HBO’s programming head told everyone what they already knew: There’s talk about a sequel out there.

According to Michael Lombardo, “There’s enormous interest by Warner Bros. and New Line, and we’re trying to put that together now. Everyone associated with the project was liberated by the enthusiasm of the fans.”

But fans should, of course, not anticipate forming another group outing anytime soon. There’s still quite a few matters that need to be settled first - like a script, signed contracts…and how about possibly a reason? Is there a point where we should just let these girls walk off in their stilettos quietly? What could possibly happen to Carrie and Big next time? Will he decide that he likes Napa better than New York City?

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Entertainment Weekly

Box Office Breakdown: Hancock Soars to #1


For theatergoers, the Fourth of July holiday has come to mean fireworks, barbecues….and now . This past weekend, the powerhouse’s latest blockbuster, , took in over $62 million giving Smith his eighth straight #1 debut. In total, the Sony Pictures production grossed nearly $104 million during a 5 1/2 day period.

In addition to being Will’s second-best opener ever ( set his record), Hancock was the actor’s fifth movie to reach first place over the same holiday weekend. (Men in Black, Men in Black II, Independence Day and Wild Wild West were the other four.) The Peter Berg film also became the third best July 4th grosser behind Transformers and Spider-Man 2.

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Box Office Breakdown: Wall-E and Wanted Both Winners


Although we haven’t yet reached the 4th of July weekend, theatergoers apparently had plenty of time and money to spend over the past three days. And while a cute robot had the honor of placing first, also came out a winner herself.

When the final numbers were tallied, Wall-E and each wound up grossing over $50 million since Friday. The Disney/Pixar film edged out the action flick by nearly $13 million dollars, but the comic book adaptation had the best per screen average for any entry in the Top Ten ($16,040). Meanwhile, both films forced a few rewrites in the history books.

  • had the third largest debut for a Pixar film. It’s total fell behind The Incredibles ($70.5 million) and Finding Nemo ($70.2 million).
  • The animated comedy also had the best Friday open for any Pixar release.
  • The James McAvoy feature topped all R-rated premieres during the month of June.
  • Wanted also gave Jolie her largest first weekend ever.

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Box Office Breakdown: Steve Carell Outsmarts Mike Myers

The Love Guru

What was being billed as a huge comedy showdown turned out to be a pathetic fight. The debut of easily outperformed Mike Myers’ live-action return to nab the #1 spot this past weekend.

Smart, starring Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway and Dwayne Johnson, picked up $38.6 million over the past three days - nearly $20 million more than . The big-screen adaptation of the ‘60s television series also averaged $9891 per screen, over twice as much as Guru ($4617) did.

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Box Office Breakdown: The Incredible Hulk Pulls in the Green

The Incredible Hulk

It looks like ticket buyers are willing to give some things a second chance after all…

Despite horrible reviews for 2003’s Hulk, wary theatergoers turned out in big numbers for the latest big-screen version of . The newest rendition, starring Edward Norton and Liv Tyler, came in first place after earning $55 million during the past three days. While that total falls behind Ang Lee’s version (that movie debuted with $62 million), it did better than expected. The 2008 update had the best showing for any film over Father’s Day weekend (passing Silver Surfer‘s $58 million) and should also have a longer shelf life thanks to favorable word of mouth.

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Don’t Count on Great Men

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Carrie and Big

If you’ve been searching online for “Love Letters of Great Men,” the book referenced in the Sex and the City movie, you’re wasting your time. The movie has inspired a huge demand for this tome of romantic words, but here’s the rub: it doesn’t exist.

In the movie, Sarah Jessica Parker-as-Carrie Bradshaw reads the book to Chris Noth’s Mr. Big. Later in the flick, the great love letters play a central role. But don’t look for the book, because you won’t find it. The closest thing to the fictional volume is “Love Letters of Great Men and Women: From the Eighteenth Century to the Present Day,” originally published in 1920 and recently re-issued.

The fictional book has created enough demand for “Love Letters” that the real book is shooting right up the Amazon most-wanted list. The letters mentioned by Carrie in the bedroom reading scene do actually exist, by the way, so all is not lost.

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