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Cage Fronting Next Flop, or Film Hit?

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NextHe may be an Academy Award winner, but he’s made some movie mistakes in the past. has been everything from a comic book hero, a crazy EMT, an angel, even a Jimmy Stewart wanna-be…so, why not make him psychic? Reviews of Cage’s Next are in – and the film is falling pretty flat with critics. Julianne Moore becomes an FBI agent again for this film, while Jessica Biel plays the sexy love interest. The pretty co-stars, the intense plot (it involves nuclear weapons), and the name Nicholas Cage might be enough to propel Next into big box office numbers – so long as fans don’t hear the anti-hype surrounding the flick first. Cage plays magician and gambler Cris Johnson, a man who can see about two minutes into the future, just enough time to predict the Derby winner or avoid a speeding bullet. Fans aren’t shown why the FBI believes him or how they know a WMD is going to be used against LA, but Cris Johnson is tapped by federal agents to help them sniff out nukes. Even Biel is getting bad reviews for her acting, though no one has anything bad to say about her looks. The movie pulled down an unimpressive rating of one and one-half stars out of four. But fans who want to see Cage in top form don’t have too long to wait – the star is working on a National Treasure sequel scheduled to be released within a matter of months.


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Box Office Breakdown: 300 Loses Steam, Remains Strong

Sandra Bullock

Just like the Spartan forces, the movie 300 was bound to lose steam.  But that doesn’t mean it won’t still take out a round of movies on its way down!  Here’s the breakdown for the past weekend:

1. 300, Warner Bros., $32,877,328
2. Wild Hogs, Disney, $19,058,871
3. Premonition, Sony, $17,558,689
4. Dead Silence, Universal, $7,842,725
5. I Think I Love My Wife, Fox Searchlight, $5,674,802
6. Bridge to Terabithia, Disney, $5,192,153
7. Ghost Rider, Sony, $4,176,658
8. Zodiac, Paramount, $3,287,560
9. Norbit, Paramount, $2,766,593
10. Music & Lyrics, Warner Bros., $2,272,317

Box Office Breakdown: 300 Tears It Up


Ghost Rider and Wild Hogs step aside.  Throngs of men in need of a testosterone-laden movie were apparently craving more than just motorcycles.  According to the latest box office numbers, what they really needed were swords.  And blood.  And Spartan women. 

Trapped inside a crowded theater this weekend, I knew 300 would be successful.  But who could have guessed it would be this big??  The latest movie to be based on a Frank Miller graphic novel raked in nearly $71 million.  That’s the largest opening for a movie in March…ever.  Additionally, it was the 3rd largest opening for an ‘R’ rated movie (right behind The Matrix Reloaded and The Passion of the Christ).

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