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Friday April 25, 2008 4:32 pm

Three-Stop Premiere for SATC Movie

Sex and the CityThe much-anticipated movie will make its first premiere on May 12 in London’s Leichester Square. May 15 will see the flick in Berlin for another premiere. Then, after all the Sexy secrets are spilled, it will finally make its way home to New York for a premiere party on known territory (May 27).

Sex movie talk centers around the mysterious death, a plot point “leaked” by in a recent interview. Other possible plot points have been bantered around by entertainment shows. I’ve seen the clips, and Cynthia Nixon looks great in the movie. But who’s destined to leave the franchise for ever? Let’s look at the possible candidates.

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Mr. Big. Why Big? Evidence includes scenes of with her hair dyed black, hinting at a terrible tragedy (or just another Bradshaw-esque need for change). Also, Carrie Bradshaw is the perpetually single gal - yet the series ended on more of a happily-ever-after note. If the main character isn’t single, how can she continue to appeal to the show’s huge fan base of single women? Eliminate Big, eliminate the problem.

Charlotte. Many bloggers think a great joke could be made of Charlotte’s death (tennis ball accident seems the popular choice for her demise). I just don’t see this happening.

Samantha. She had breast cancer in the past, and has had contractual quibbles in the past. It’s even rumored the Cattrall-Parker problems were what led to the end of the series. However, I don’t think Cattrall would agree to do the movie if her character dies. But, maybe.

Steve’s mom. She’s old, she’s sick, she’s tertiary. We all love Anne Meara and we all love to laugh at Steve’s mom, but this would be an easy way to rock the boat without knocking it over. It’s also a little too expected and has a red herring feel to it.

Someone’s kid. The tragedy would be terrible, and it would pull the core unit of four inevitably closer (the whole basis of Sex, the friendship). It’s too sad to imagine, but it’s just cruel enough to come from the writers - and just shocking enough to make it an interesting twist.

Possible spoilers! Other Sex and the City movie gossip hints that Steve will be unfaithful to Miranda, putting their marriage in jeopardy. One potential scene shows Kristen Davis as Charlotte, heavily pregnant and lugging several shopping bags, rushing to a taxi while screaming at Chris Noth as Mr. Big (“I curse the day you were born!”).

The movie hits theaters at the end of May, and then all the secrets will be revealed.


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