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Essential Mind Camp Info!

Looking for the quick info on Seattle Mind Camp, and what exactly it is? We’ve collected the most important information right here for you:

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Tukwila Community Center Directions

Seattle Mind Camp 4.0 starts in just 7 hours, so we wanted to make sure that anyone and everyone heading to the event had the pertinent information in order to make it there for a day full of awesome. The event takes place at the Tukwila Community Center, located at:

12424 42nd Ave S
Tukwila, WA 98168
(206) 768-2822

If you want to map some directions, use the link below.

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We are happy to announce that has stepped in as the Mind Camp 4.0 Platinum Sponsor.

AMD is the customer-centric innovation company, a processing powerhouse that offers smarter choices for its customers and makes technology more accessible to the world. AMD is focused on best meeting the needs of leading computing, wireless and consumer electronics companies to help them deliver high-performance, energy-efficient and visually realistic solutions.

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Lockergnome Mind Camp Sponsor

A big “Thank You” to Lockergnome for supporting Seattle Mind Camp 4.0 as a Gold Sponsor:

To inform, empower, and entertain - Lockergnome is here as a resource for people who are curious about the world of technology around them. Novices and experts are welcome to explore our ever-growing list of resources. Our contributors are full of passion. We will do our best to keep you informed on a daily basis. We will share your feedback, suggestions, and stories with the rest of our community whenever and wherever possible. If you seek knowledge, if you seek professional growth, if you seek information that’s presented in a personal voice… you’re home with Lockergnome.

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Another great company has jumped on board to help support Seattle Mind Camp 4.0 - this time, it’s Parallels, Inc. We are sure that many of our attendees are familiar with , but if you aren’t, here’s a synopsis:

Parallels, Inc., an SWsoft company, builds powerful, user-friendly, cost-effective server and workstation virtualization solutions for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. The company is best known for its Parallels Desktop for Mac product, which was the first solution to allow Mac and Windows applications to run side-by-side, at the same time, on any Intel-powered Mac.  The product’s newest version, Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac, is a significant upgrade to the award-winning desktop virtualization product that already powers more than half a million Macs worldwide. Since its launch one year ago, Parallels Desktop for Mac has been recognized with MacWorld Magazine’s “Editor’s Choice” Award (the “Eddy”), PC World Magazine’s “Innovation of the Year” Award, and was the first non-Apple product to ever win the MacWorld Magazine Reader’s Choice Award. Parallels Desktop for Mac was also named “Best in Show” at the 2007 MacWorld Expo and in May 2007 was ranked #6 and a “Reader Favorite” on PC World Magazine’s “100 Best Products of 2007” list.

The guys from Parallels will be on hand to talk about their product, and virtualization in general.

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Zillow BlogZillow has just jumped in as a Mind Camp 4.0 sponsor. A big thank you to the team over there for supporting our cause.

Zillow.com is an online real estate community where homeowners, buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals can find and share vital information about homes, for free. Launched in early 2006 with Zestimate values and data on millions of U.S. homes, Zillow has since “opened up” the site to community input, data and dialogue, including Home Q&A.  Zillow’s goal is to help people become smarter about real estate – what homes are worth, what’s for sale, and what local experts have to say about real estate and individual homes. We have information on over 70 million U.S. homes, and growing.

  • Zillow is designed as a research tool – giving people free and easy access to an enormous amount real estate information and data, from public records, Zillow’s statisticians and the Zillow community.
  • Our data is free and anonymous – consumers don’t have to register or give us any personal information to view.
  • Zillow will continue to add services, information and tools to help people become smarter about buying and selling homes.

Zillow is actively hiring for Sales, Development, Program Management and Test.  Feel free to check out their current openings.

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Federated MediaWe have another sponsor signed up and on board for Seattle Mind Camp 4.0. We want to thank Federated Media, Gear Live’s advertising partner, for jumping on board as a sponsor for the event. In previous events, the topic of monetization of Internet content has come up repeatedly. Federated Media will have a couple of people on-hand at Mind Camp to do a session or two on this very subject. More about FM:

At Federated Media Publishing, we believe great voices attract great audiences. We’re in the business of supporting those voices by connecting them to great marketers, as well as providing a suite of services that lets authors focus on what they do best: making compelling media. We’re proud to represent Andru Edwards of Gear Live and dozens of other outstanding authors whose sites cater to cultural influencers, technology decision makers, early adopters and business leaders.

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We wanted to take a moment to thank Eyejot for jumping on board as our first Premium Sponsor for Seattle Mind Camp 4.0. If you haven’t given it a try yet, fire up your webcam and hit Eyejot for a free video messaging account:

Eyejot is a comprehensive, client-free, video-messaging platform which enables people to easily send and receive video messages from within their existing internet browsing environment, without the need to download or install any additional software. Eyejot marries the best of what email and live video chat have to offer in a way that is easy to use and understand. The video aspect of Eyejot ensures that messages are delivered with the energy and tone that the sender intended. The email-like features allow Eyejot to deliver messages even when the recipients are away and offline. And, the recipient can access their Eyejot messages from any web browser, anywhere - even on their cell phones and iPods.

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TrenchMiceWe want to throw out a few words of appreciation to TrenchMice, one of our Mind Camp 4.0 sponsors. TrenchMice is a community-moderated forum that gives you “Insight from the Trenches” - what’s really going on in the companies around you. It’s the place to speak your mind when your company did something brilliant, or brilliantly moronic. Warn someone off, or give your place credit for having good sense.

The content comes from the members, blogs, and other web sources. Members’ posts can be anonymous.

TrenchMice.com is proud to sponsor Mind Camp 4.0, and they’re giving free two-month Gold memberships to MindCampers!

One By One Media

A big “Thank You” goes out to the Jim and Tris over at One by One Media, as they are our first Gold sponsor for Seattle Mind Camp 4.0:

One By One Media, run by Jim Turner and Tris Hussey, is a full-service, turn-key blog and social media consultancy.  We specialize in setting up blogs for businesses, blogosphere monitoring, and are the largest professional blogging agency on the Blogosphere.  OBO can set up your blog and have a professional, reliable, and seasoned blogger blog on your industry vertical.

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Previous Seattle Mind Camp attendees have already started receiving emails about the next event, Seattle Mind Camp 4.0. We have just announced the date and venue of the event. The next Seattle Mind Camp even takes place on July 1, 2007 at the Tukwila Community Center. Tickets are already on sale, so be sure to grab one before they are gone. Discounted early bird tickets are available.

Mark your calendars and save the date. We will be opening up about half of our tickets for early purchase at a discount. Start spreading the word and letting people know about Mind Camp 4.0.

A couple of things to note when registering:

  • We need your FULL, REAL address. We will be mailing out tickets, and if we don’t have yoru address, we can’t mail yours.
  • Double-check the spelling of your name. If you make a typo in your name, that same typo will be on your badge.
  • List a corporate affiliation ONLY if you want it printed on your badge. Otherwise, put your website, blog, or whatever else you want to appear on your badge.

Sponsors? We are looking for you - contact us if you are interested in helping make Mind Camp 4.0 happen.