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Wednesday October 5, 2005 3:34 pm

My Name Is Earl HD Easter Egg

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Home Entertainment

My Name Is Earl HD

This is what I love about high definition television. When Conan O’Brien went HD, he showed off how there were things that only those watching in HD would be able to see. Last night’s episode of My Name Is Earl did something similar, but you had to be paying attention to catch it. Earl’s brother, Randy, was standing off to the side and held up a sign that read “High Def Rocks!” If you were watching on a standard definition television, Randy was too far off to the left to be seen. I implore you - if you want to see the entire picture, go HD.

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Forum Discussion

Please don't tell my husband that. If he thinks he is missing something more with HD, he will never let me sleep through the night. All he wants is a flatscreen plasma or lcd tv, that is hd ready, that hangs on the wall, and is about 50+ inches, and he has been talking about said item for about 2 years now.

LOL, that's funny but I'm not sure that will motivate me to go HD quite yet. When all standard television is in HD, then I'll hop on the bandwagon. Right now I just can't justify the cost.

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