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New Xbox 360 Headset Mute Control - Xbox 360 Messenger Kit Unboxing

New Xbox 360 Headset Mute Control

Here’s a look at the new headset mute switch.

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Xbox 360 Headset Connected to Chatpad New Xbox 360 Headset Volume Controller



  • Sorry… but I would much rather have the mute and volume switch were it used to be.  I having to look down at my stomach—even though I got six—to find the damn mute rocker.  Y’d they move it to being ‘on’ the wire.

    posted by: KWall · 9/3/07

  • I think this is much more intuitive than the old one.  The color indicator gives you a quick visual answer to “Are they ignoring me or just not hearing me again?”

    posted by: TeLeKiNeSiS · 9/4/07

  • I personally liked the old way much better, although, I havn’t used the new one.  I liked not having to fumble around and look for the dang mute button.  As far as it having color yeah it will give a quick reference but so did not looking and just quickly feeling that the button is pushed to the left for mute and to the right for talk.  Seems like now you are going to have to either look or not look and fumble around to find it.  I often mute and unmute and when I got the wireless headset it was much more of a hastle and now I think it might be even more of one.  Like I said just an opinion from someone who hasnt used one yet but Ill pick one up this weekend just to see.

    posted by: Bones_Duece · 9/5/07

  • I agree, the old one was a lot better, where everything was together.  If I were to buy this product, I would think twice now that I know about the new mute control, but the qwerty keyboard is really enticing, so it would be a tough call…

    posted by: BuckeyeFanatic25 · 6/5/08

  • Has anyone used a generic headset for the 360?  I need to replace my son’s wired headset, but microsoft only sells the newer version with the mute/vol control that hangs down on the wire…we prefer the controls where it plugs in to the controller.  Found one for sale on ebay as “generic” and has the mute/vol control at the controller.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    posted by: naturegal · 9/9/08

  • Naturegal,

    You can try this alternative from Amazon located here: http://www.amazon.com/XB360-Camo-Headset-Intec-Xbox/dp/B001F7W3FM/ref=sr_1_17?ie=UTF8&s=home-garden&qid=1220989783&sr=8-17
    or you can try the following for the Microsoft original you desire.  I have no experience with the generic brand headsets, but I’m sure they’re alright.  I wouldn’t pay over $10 for it.  I hope this helps you out.


    posted by: TeLeKiNeSiS · 9/9/08

  • Thanks for the suggestions!  Much appreciated!

    posted by: Naturegal1 · 9/9/08

  • Not a problem at all!  I certainly hope you find what you’re looking for.

    posted by: TeLeKiNeSiS · 9/9/08

  • on this new headset.. when the red part is covered does that mean its on mute, or when the red part is showing? i’m new at this and either im doing something wrong or they can’t hear me/ignoring me. could you help please?

    posted by: just me · 1/17/09

  • Just Me,

    Think of it like a traffic light. Green is go and red means stop. If the switch is situated where you see green, you have an open mic. If you see red, you have a muted mic. Check your volume to see if you’re not hearing them talk back due to your volume being down. Try recording a test message by preparing a voice message via Xbox Live to someone. You can playback the message without sending. If that works just fine, but people still seem to not hear you in- game, check your router settings if you utilize one. I have experienced not hearing other players due to router incompatibility. If your test renders no audio playback at all, then obviously replace the mic. I hope this helps.

    posted by: TeLeKiNeSiS · 1/18/09

  • Hi everyone,

    This is one of the few Google hits that I could find that discusses this problem.

    My original X360 headset broke, and I’ve been trying very hard to find a place that sells:

    - The original Microsoft older style one (with volume/mute down on the connector - not up on the wire). 

    - Or, a suitable 3rd party one w/ similar controls

    Anyone been able to find one like this?


    posted by: mtheory · 3/11/09

  • Mtheory,

    I think you’ll be hard-pressed to find that original headset.  I believe I may have one of those brand new, but I’ll have to confirm.  I never considered selling it though either. 


    posted by: TeLeKiNeSiS · 3/12/09

  • DealExtreme has cheap headsets that work and have the switch on the controller.


    posted by: Xiejol · 3/26/09

  • Well, i don’t really have a preference, but the new mute control does have a clip on the back, so you can just clip it onto your shirt, or a shirt pocket if you have one. I would personally perfer the old one, but the new one you can use for for phones without having the larger plug in making it either impossible or kinda awkward

    posted by: Jefffffffff · 6/4/09

  • microsoft went backwars on their design, they made it much much worse and far more ######. whoever came up with the design deserves to be immediately fired and banned from using any sort of technology because they obviously dont deserve it…the old headsets were somewhat quality, the wireless ones are pure #### and a waste of my money and the new wired or almost as useless. Microsft is turning into my enemy because they never make anything good. They might as well be a generic chineese name because thats their quality and reputation

    posted by: nick · 12/31/09

  • deserves to be immediately fired and banned from using any sort of technology because they obviously dont deserve

    posted by: Evening Dresses · 2/19/11

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