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Google Gmail Invitation Contest

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  • I love email and google.
    I would love to get a gmail account.
    Thats a lot for offering this.

    posted by: andthentheman · 6/19/04

  • I would really like to get this gmail account since all other mail services are horrible.

    posted by: Greg · 6/19/04

  • I would like a Gmail account because most of my friends have one and also b/c the other mail services aren’t as good from what I hear

    posted by: THE_BEST · 6/20/04

  • I would really like to get this gmail account since all other mail services are horrible.

    posted by: Deniz · 6/21/04

  • May I plz have a gmail acount because every other company are really bad and I need a lot of space for my mail

    posted by: Xenocide · 6/21/04

  • why give the invitation?! ive read that gmail invitations can fetch to as much as 100$!
    and why crave for an invitation? gmail will be available for all of us soon anyway.

    kidding aside, i just wanna have the bragging rights that i had one of the first gmail accounts. and as a developer myself, i want to be able to test gmail to its full potential.

    dont get me wrong, i want the invitation…
    and i promise, im not selling it. you can even register it for me if you want 😊

    posted by: allan · 6/21/04

  • I would glad to get gmail invitation.
    I wanna feeling gmail~ 😊

    posted by: Null · 6/22/04

  • Why I need Gmail? Because I study in onother country (Chile) and my family (Australia) send me email with photos an I can’t store it all.
    I miss them so much :(

    posted by: Carlita · 6/23/04

  • GMAIL is really a great idea.
    It has already stirred the hornets nest!
    Yahoo increased space to 100MB. Rediff quickly followed suit to raise to 1GB.
    GMAIL will create a revolution in webmail, in the same way as google created revolution in search engines.


    posted by: Narendra Kumar.S.S · 6/23/04

  • Please send me a Gmail invitation.  1 gig of space is very..tempting 😊

    posted by: Yuki · 6/23/04

  • Hey Pls I need gmail account

    posted by: raju · 6/25/04

  • I’m very interessed by Gmail. Everybody would like to send me a Gmail invitation.

    posted by: AHOUMA · 6/25/04

  • I’m very interessed by Gmail. Everybody would like to send me a Gmail invitation.

    posted by: AHOUMA · 6/25/04

  • hey can someone help me out, i looking a gmail invitation, if someone can do me a favor and send it to me, that would be awesome.

    posted by: alonso · 6/26/04

  • Hey Pls I need gmail account

    posted by: Gaurav · 6/27/04

  • Hi,
    I am from India. Please send me a gmail invitation if you have….

    Thanking you.


    posted by: Raja · 6/28/04

  • Hey i can give u all the rap, hip hop songs u want for free if u send me an invitation, and also formula 1 movies, soccer highlights and greatest goals, funny video clips and banned commercials etc…please send me the invitation and i promise to send u all this.

    posted by: Sharjeel Mehr · 6/29/04

  • hi~
    i need a gmail account.
    can you send a invitation to me?
    thank you~!

    posted by: choo · 7/1/04

  • Hi plz if anyone has a spare gmail invite can u send it to me. Cause i could really use one and if u give me one i swear ill return the favor somehow.my email is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

    posted by: LittleKid · 7/1/04

  • I will like to take gmail account

    posted by: thinkerzz · 7/2/04

  • Why a Gmail account? Because Hotmail is horrible (too slow, too heavy) and have so many pop-ups, spams…

    Please save me!!!

    posted by: Daniel · 7/4/04

  • Hai if u give a invitation to gmail account, I promise to give back two when I get it.
    So it’s a deal!
    thanx for reading 😊

    posted by: debu · 7/5/04

  • Please send me GMail invitation

    posted by: Ikram Bajwa · 7/6/04

  • Winning a gmail invitation is like winning a milion $ cash…
    Now, don’t You want to make somebody really happy for the rest his life…?
    You know how happy makes a man one million dollars…don’t you?

    posted by: john · 7/8/04

  • can i have a gmail account? please! thx

    posted by: Chongsheng · 7/8/04

  • please let me have the pleasure of gmail

    posted by: sandeep krishnan · 7/8/04

  • hey everybody dont be so stupid
    u people want free email of 1gb capacity
    mail me and i will give u one

    posted by: waqt · 7/18/04

  • Hi…Please Get Invitation To Me :(((
    Hey, I Have Ergent Need To Invitation.
    My Email :h_j432@yahoo.com
    Thank You !

    posted by: Sara · 7/19/04

  • I want to GMAIL….

    posted by: Toyo · 7/21/04

  • I need the gmail Invitation to create new gmail account. can I have it ?!

    posted by: M. Raghavendran · 7/27/04

  • As I experience Gmail & others, there is no distiguish between Gmail & those other but much more bathering of more invitation & no difference in total contents.
    in order to prove you this I want to chose some of those who left here a message to give them an invitation.I will be back for choosing as soon as I could
    good luck every one

    posted by: You will know · 8/2/04

  • can i have a gmail account? please! thx

    posted by: Muhammad Ali · 8/12/04

  • I want to have a Gmail e-mail account, because it’s hard to obtain.

    posted by: Kujuso · 8/16/04

  • Mmmm
    I would like to have a gmail accout 2.
    Could u give me an invatation ?

    posted by: SANYO · 8/28/04

  • Please send me invitation on gmail

    posted by: Frtan · 8/30/04

  • hello can you please share with me a gmail invitation?
    thank you very much
    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    posted by: margarita · 9/1/04

  • Please send me the invitation for Gmail account.

    posted by: Preeti · 9/10/04

  • I would glad to get Gmail invitation.
    I wanna feeling gmail~ 😊

    posted by: Ashok · 9/10/04

  • 21 Sep 2004

    Gmail ! Gmail! Gmail !
    Without you my heart will fail.
    You are only one for my email reception.
    When you will come to me I will kiss you on your knee.

    Shafi from Bangladesh

    posted by: Md. Shafi Uddin · 9/20/04

  • Tried by using friend’s GMAIL, it is so good in term of multi-language support.

    e.g. It supports both Japanese and Chinese without the need of changing the language setting. It has been a headache for me when using hotmail, which I also appreciate until I tried the gmail.

    But how can I get one GMAIL account ?

    Zhenhao Jiang

    posted by: Jiang Zhenhao · 9/22/04

  • Oh, I love google! I love picassa! I love everything googly! I’m a google fanatic! I never dare go to another search engine thatn google! Google is my internet guru! I so hope that I get an email account on google because all other email servers are so pestering!I always get spam, and somehow some of my most important emails go into the “Junk Email” and get deleted! Google, please relieve me of my problems! save me from my despair! I need a dose of Gmail… the god of all email servers!

    Cmon you revolutionary Beaut!

    Spare me an invite…....Google…..Please…....
    Quench my Thirst….

    Google Fantic

    posted by: NinjaV · 9/23/04

  • I really need a Gmail acount for my studying and my working. Please send me an invitation. Thank you very much!!!

    posted by: Gafsveno · 11/13/04

  • Send me one pls, I’d listen for Gmail so much but I don’t have one yet :((

    posted by: longtuyen_metal · 12/12/04

  • You say we must join your forum and reply the Favorite Portable Device thread ,
    I’d register in this forum but why can’t i login by my account ?
    If can, send me an invitation to my mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
    Thanks first and again !!!

    posted by: longtuyen_metal · 12/12/04

  • Plz send me a gmail invitation. I am really in need of it. It gives me more space for my mail storage and i can search for a mail from a bulk amount of mails which i had recieved. Plz send it.

    posted by: Kiran · 12/13/04

  • Hi!

    I really need an Gmail account. Please send me an invitation if you have any in spare.

    Thank you!

    posted by: Hanif · 12/16/04

  • I need Gmail Invitation Can any body help me?!!

    posted by: Mahoudini · 10/29/05

  • i would like to have a gmail invite

    posted by: chirurgia · 12/12/05

  • Heh, I remember when Gmail accounts were the “in” thing.. People actually sold them on eBay.. (What isn’t sold on eBay?)

    Well those have gone.. Want a gmail account? Gmail.com 😛

    posted by: Chrisb · 6/1/08