On Gear Live: Samsung S95C: The OLED TV You Can’t Afford (to Ignore!)

Sony Wega Received: Free Flat Screens Proves To Be True - Features, Home Entertainment

Sony Wega Received: Free Flat Screens Proves To Be True

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  • Hey did the tv arrive ok?  by the looks of it they send it with the original box which you should never do!  You always put the original box inside a bigger box!

    Well was it beat up?  or did it arrive ok??

    Thanks!  I just completed my referals so i have to wait 2 days for it to approve..

    posted by: Chris · 7/28/04

  • Yeah good point, Chris. Despite all the insurance and whatnot, did the TV arrive in good shape?

    posted by: Alex · 7/29/04

  • Argh - now why can’t we have an offer like this in the UK?

    posted by: Oliver Mather · 7/30/04

  • I e-mail Andru and he said he arrived in perfect condition!  So no need to worry 😊

    posted by: Chris · 8/3/04

  • why isn’t this worldwide?????
    i live in belgium and they don’t do this here….

    posted by: Franky · 8/6/04

  • Looks like FFSGuide.tk linked to you too. There needs to be more good FFS sites out there.

    posted by: S. Donovan · 8/17/04

  • this has to be a scam, give me a guarantee please

    posted by: Jason · 8/24/04

  • i read somewhere that this dude got one of these tv’s, only it was a monkey.  and the monkey gave the guy herpes.  the dude ended up being okay but he never got the tv. only a raging case of monkey herpes

    posted by: Trevor Lyn · 9/1/04

  • thank i like PS2 and Vega sony

    posted by: yurnal · 9/2/04

  • I do not understand how to do this can you help me?

    posted by: bigredmelb · 4/15/09