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Mod Your XBOX Without a Mod Chip

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  • I’m trying to download the files for EvolutionX from the link on your website “www.kevinrose.com”.  The link is unavaiable.  Is there another site I can download the files?

    posted by: Punchy · 6/17/04

  • You can do a google search for evolutionx, or EvoX.

    posted by: Freeze · 6/17/04

  • Hi,

    Im having trouble understanding the Linux modding way is there someone that can help me step by step or walk me through it?

    posted by: NNxGrim · 6/18/04

  • NN - What part are you having a problem with?

    posted by: Andru Edwards · 6/20/04

  • kevin, kevin…..... i cannot find evox to dl…. ive look for over an hour and cannot find a reliable download PLEASE HELP! my friend has a modded xbox but he actually put a mod chip in… could i use a ftp to transfer the files from his xbox to my comp the to my xbox?

    posted by: Nikki · 6/21/04

  • i got all the things the tutorial asked for i ordered a mega xkey in addition and i got mechassult and i downloaded a evo x application i was just wonderning if the one i downloaded actually worked its called gouki xbox modless archive if someone could possibly reasure my doubts by telling me it works

    posted by: mike · 6/23/04

  • I need a step by step instructions to mod my xbox

    posted by: Richard · 7/7/04

  • hi want to know where can i find info on actually soft modding my xbox

    posted by: cuzzbrother · 7/8/04

  • I have all the files needed and I have the Action Replay devise, but how do I put the file and which file specifically onto the Acion Replay devise.

    Email me if you have the anwser!
    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    posted by: shame724 · 7/23/04

  • can I still play xbox games if I use xbox linux?
    can I transfer it through ethernet?
    and can I backup my game files?

    posted by: Joshua · 8/16/04


    posted by: Gangsta006 · 8/17/04

  • Email Me and ill send you evox. of just go on Efnet and go to #xbins and you will be able to get everything that has to do with xbox there. if anybody got the mechassualt file please send to me, Good Luck All

    posted by: Recon180 · 8/17/04

  • Can you soft mod with a dailup internet connection

    posted by: ronnie · 8/20/04

  • Hi kevin my name is guru, could you email me the tutorial on how to Modified Your XBOX Without a Mod Chip.MY email adress is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

      Thank You

    posted by: guru · 8/20/04

  • hey kevin i need the tutorial on how to modify your xbox without a mod chip.  If there is a way to fool a playstation 2 to play burnt cd’s that would be appreciated as well. My e-mail is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    posted by: mattman · 8/21/04

  • Kevin, I can not find the files that I have to put on my usb anywhere can you help me?
    Thank you,                  Clif

    posted by: Clifton · 8/21/04

  • yo guys… the first thing… you download evoloution x by getting a program call irc… go to http://www.mirc.com and logging onto efnet as the server… from there you type /j xbins and follow the instructions on the topic you eventually download the stuff from an ftp client… so yeah…

    posted by: YAHOO · 8/23/04

  • my softmod on my xbox is sweet… i can burn my xbox games to back them up and save them on my pc hard drive and put them back on my xbox through my ftp client that i use…. if you need help go to xbox-scene.com for the tutorial and xbox-tribe.com for the files

    posted by: elf men · 8/23/04

  • hi look, i have i problem with my xbox, i do it wrong the things with evox, n the harddisc doesnt work any more,it do nothing just reset every second i try to repair it but i cant because th HD its locked, the partition type so can u help? i want to have the Xbox HD Original like when it was new, please?

    posted by: Alex · 8/24/04

  • Hi Kevin,
    Kevin or anyone, I need a step by step instructions to mod my xbox without a mod chip. Thanks for the help. Email address is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    posted by: Ronin · 8/25/04

  • Looking for Evox and what ever else I will need to do the chipless mod. I looked at (efnet as the server… from there you type /j xbins and follow the instructions on the topic you eventually download the stuff from an ftp client)

    and did not find it or anything else for the cipless mod.
    OR am I just better off getting a second Xbox and doing a chip mod?
    Thanks ahead of time for the help with this

    posted by: Raven · 8/29/04

  • I, too would like step by stp instructions for hacking without a modded XBox.mod chip. Also, what is the thingy called that plugs into the USB dealie?

    posted by: JBob · 9/1/04

  • Please if their any one out their that can help me find EvoX I have looked everywhere and I can not if it I have every thing to mod my xbox but I cant find EvoX. Can someone please send me a link or lead me in the right direction to find EvoX. Please someone help. Email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    posted by: john · 9/1/04

  • Kevin can you send me step by step instructions just like the ones on the screen savers and also the files needed to mod the xbox?  If you could that, that would be great.  Thank you very much and I enjoy your show

    posted by: Killa · 9/2/04

  • hye guys i want to mod my x box to i have everything to do it except for the evox i found some where to dl it and it was from xbox-tribe.com but they had one than one so can some one please email me the link to dl the right evox and the full tutorial on how to do it thank you. oh yea one more thing if i make the chipless mod work can i change it back to the original x box like it was at the begining so just incase i od something wrong or for some reson i want to switch back.so who ever is going to help me my email is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    posted by: philip · 9/2/04

  • Hey kevin, i was just wondering, if i softmod my xbox, will i be able to play xbox live? And i remember watching ur show, screen savers, and someone called about his xbox, saying that he couldnt get his hdd re-locked or something, does it have to be locked to play xbox live? because i was just wanted to know, im gonna need xbox live for Halo 2
    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    posted by: Sina · 9/4/04

  • i need instructions.. i saw the episode of the screen savers and it looked realy realy easy. but in the links to instructions on your site or vauge and give one download. if i can get the downloads ( for the mechassult thing) it should be easy ill just do wat u did. please e-mail me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with help

    posted by: Luke · 9/5/04

  • can somebody email all the files and easy step by step instructions to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) thank you and as you can tell im lazy.  If anybody can also answer some questions i have that would be great.If you think you can help me please email me thank you

    posted by: Killa · 9/6/04

  • Hey kevin are anybody can you send me the step by step for the chipless mod plz im having probs
    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    P.S: And also how can i get the usb adaptor

    posted by: Doma · 9/6/04

  • nubs, You should always know 100% of your plan before you even open any electronic..

    I could help but I won’t, so don’t bother..

    posted by: -pk- · 9/7/04

  • hey kevin can you please send me a step bye step walkthrough on how to mod your xbox without a chip and all the files needed to do so and any thing you got on playstation2 or gamecube to i have been reading about game sytem mods for a while and would like to try diong it so if you can please send what i need thank you wraith26

    posted by: wraith26 · 11/28/04

  • i just got a brand new xbox and was waondering if anyone can email me and tell what to do to mod my xbox

    posted by: nyzranga99 · 11/29/04

  • alright everybody out there looking for walkthroughs go to http://www.xbox-scene.com. files just go through kevins site there are links on there and u can search google or even look at the sites posted here that people gave. its easy if u just follow the screen savers episode and the different walkthroughs on the sites.

    posted by: Ryan · 11/30/04

  • Kevin or somebody email me all the files and the easy step by step instructions.  Im a little confused.  Thanks

    email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    posted by: Solomon · 12/15/04

  • Can some tell me where can I get proper a Tutorial(s) on HOW TO SOFT MOD AN XBOX WITHOUT A MOD CHIP?

    ( I Don’t have a Mod Chip if you were wondering )

    posted by: GokuGT · 12/16/04

  • Hey there. hey listen kvein.. ive been trying to find a anrticle to your previous one on soft modding my xbox.. the chipless modding technique but i have been unable to. Basically. Ive been wanting to mod my xbox in such a way that i am able to play my burnt copies of xbox games , which are on dvd r’s   without having to buy a modchip and have them running. Can you please help me? your help is very much appreciated   and my email is   .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    posted by: prasadudwadia · 9/27/05

  • Wow! Isn’t kevin rose the guy on g4 techtv? Nice guide too. btw Is anyone else having problem seeing the make a comment thingie on different pages?

    posted by: Sabu · 10/25/05

  • Hey Kevin, or Anybody else, I was Wondering if u could please give me the website for the 360 Auto-Aim, Super Jump, Super Speed, Dual Weilding, and possibly Flying Vehicle codes, or can u please just send them to me @ http://www.cbrazilpunk_7@hotmail.com.
    Xbox Live Gamertag:brazilpunk911 or xXTwin BladezXx

    posted by: MrGuy · 12/22/05

  • could you send me a link to download evox thanx my email is bluetyphoon7@

    posted by: OverKill7 · 5/31/06

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    posted by: Raine · 5/16/08