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SoothSoft Chillow Review - Smart Home, Misc. Tech, Product Reviews

SoothSoft Chillow Review

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  • I got one and put it in my pillow case but sweated on it the first night because it doesn’t “breath.” The second night, my ear hurt because the Chillow is harder than my pillow. I’m taking the sucker back. Nice concept but it doesn’t work in practice, IMO.

    posted by: plong · 7/16/04

  • Yes, it can go in the fridge, just not the freezer.

    posted by: Andru Edwards · 7/17/04

  • ...you watch Oprah?

    posted by: Kwan · 7/17/04

  • Is the Chillow safe to put in the refrigerator if you wanted to?

    posted by: Grover S. Cleveland · 7/17/04

  • I bought one about 4 years ago. I don’t use it very often (mainly because my cat sleeps with me, and his claws would puncture it within a matter of hours if I left it on the bed with him), but when I get a migraine or have a fever, it’s an absolute gift from ${deity}.

    posted by: Jeff · 7/19/04