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  • My first nintendo handheld console was the gameboy color and when i bought it i got Zelda: Links awakening along with it and playeed that game straight for the next 2 weeks. :D

    posted by: agentorange519 · 1/24/05

  • My first Nintendo was a SameBoy Advance and the game was Pinball of the Dead.

    posted by: leehar24 · 1/24/05

  • My first Nintendo Handheld was the original Game Boy. The non-colored one. My first game was Tetris… Straight up OLD SCHOOL. lol.

    posted by: beezak · 1/24/05

  • Sadly enough I didn’t own any handheld until the GBA. The only two games I ever played on it were Super Mario World and Zelda: A Link to the Past. So total man hours would be whatever it took to beat both of those.

    I just haven’t had time to play it anymore, seeing as how I’m always the one driving on trips. So the only game-playing I have time to do is at home, and then I’d rather be playing Xbox or PS2.

    posted by: Brian B · 1/24/05

  • My first nintendo handheld was the original Gameboy. The game I spent the most man hours on, was Final Fantasy Adventure, which was released in 1991. This game was very interesting to me as it was unique for the final fantasy series. The gameplay was different from other final fantasy’s (there weren’t that many around at that time) so it appealed to me. Needless to say I spent many hours on that game, but enjoyed every moment of it.


    posted by: Reliky · 1/24/05

  • My first handheld was the original GameBoy, I used to carry around that blocky beast everywhere I went with two sets of extra batteries. The one game I played more than any other was The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, to this day it’s still my favorite Zelda game, i’ll never forget the weeks I spent trying to beat the game without losing a life, fighting the bosses, getting the L-2 Sword, ahh the memories.

    posted by: Reol · 1/24/05

  • ^^^^ ME, I wasn’t logged in.

    posted by: emoemodude · 1/24/05

  • First handheld was the fat grey gameboy. had only two games for it tho. tetris and super mario land. Spent most of my time playing super mario land.

    posted by: snak3y3z1001 · 1/24/05

  • my first nintendo handheld console? it was a mario game & watch… does it count? i loved that game. it was single screen and you had to jump across all these platforms to finally get to the princess. because it was a game and watch of course it was the only game i could play on it, but no matter 😛 i wasn’t on the handheld scene much after that but i did get a gameboy colour (just in case the game & watch doesn’t count) which i spent most of my days playing the old original gameboy games so i could catch up, metroid 2 was one of my favorites and the one i spent most of my hours on… i think i want to marry Samus.

    posted by: jigarbov · 1/24/05

  • My first Nintendo handheld was the gameboy advace, and I spent tons of time with Mario Kart

    posted by: Reeb · 1/24/05

  • My first nintendo handheld console was the original Gameboy and that thing was huge!! I Spent hours playing Super Mario.

    Wow this brought back many old memories with that huge Gameboy but i never knew what happened to that thing.

    posted by: Rawperro · 1/24/05

  • My first Nintendo handheld was sort of a precursor to the DS. It was the dual screen Donkey Kong LCD game. That monkey wasn’t always that happy-go-lucky monkey we all know and love for his recent games… no.. He was EVIL! What kind of animal would take a woman and try to keep her for their own? Damn dirty monkeys that’s who! It ran on battery cells which allowed me to play for hours upon end. But because it was only a one player game I was forced to play with myself for hours. Dodging barrels, climbing ladders, all in a effort to save the princess. Those were the days!

    posted by: illwon · 1/24/05

  • hmm… just take a look in my bathroom and you’d see that the original Gameboy is by far my favorite and most used handheld. I don’t know how many Tetris high scores I’ve posted while sitting on my throne..  I have noticed though that visitors tend to pick the video poker handheld. I guess the old beated look of my trusty gameboy doesn’t appeal interesting no more… no fretting.. I got nothing but love for it.. 😊

    posted by: HAQattaq · 1/24/05

  • My first handheld was the GameBoy Pocket.  And my first game was Pokemon Yellow.  My friends and I used to play that game ALL the time before and after school.  We played it so much that our Moms asked us if we were dealing drugs because we always wanted to go early to school and stay late. 😊

    posted by: TriggerHappy101 · 1/24/05

  • The first handheld i had was the Original Game Boy, that with the light adapter that magnified the whole screen, (if u had one u know what im talking about) I was amazed. The game I had most man hours logged on would have to be Pokemon Blue, now that game had good replay value:exclaim:  (the first Kirby game comes close tho)

    posted by: dwaltin · 1/24/05

  • My first nintendo handled as the original gameboy.  I got it for a birthday present from my grandparents.  It came with tetris, which I spent the most time on.

    posted by: TheMetsAreBad · 1/24/05

  • Oops please delete my previous post,  I thought we were supposed to simply state what our first handheld was.

    Anyways, I first played my friends Gameboy Advance while on the team bus on the way back from a baseball game. The game I played was Mario Kart and I thought it was so awesome, it looked almost like the N64 version.  My friend let me borrow it a couple days and I was hooked. The day I had to give it back I went and bought my own. That was a couple years ago and I’m still using it, great product.

    posted by: Reeb · 1/24/05

  • My first one was GBA. And I used to love playing the Pokemon games on it, i used to take it to school and play it during lunch, I used to walk around the house playing it…it was so addicting. The obsession was well worth the detentions I got in school for playing it there. :D

    posted by: .Chris · 1/24/05

  • My first Nintendo Handheld was the big Gameboy.  The original one.  I played tetris all the time (120 lines was my record and then the damn thing froze on me).  Then, I got pokemon and played that game for a while.  I no longer have the console anymore as someone stole it :( I still have tetris though 😊

    posted by: A-rob · 1/24/05

  • My first Nintendo handheld was the gameboy color. I spent a lot of time on Game & Watch Gallery 2 as it was my only game.

    posted by: johnnycash1 · 1/24/05

  • Gameboy color and….sigh…pokemon red

    That came was teh hot stuff back in the day….level 99 pokemon all teh way!

    For some reason I wanna play it again…but people will make fun of me :(

    posted by: Wyzt · 1/24/05

  • My first console was a red Pocket Game Boy.  I loved my boy like it was my own!  I brought it everywhere: to the bathroom, to school, and to public restrooms.  I always kept an extra set of AAA batteries in case the existing ones would fail (which never happened).  I brought my Game Boy Pocket it to second grade everyday that I could and played it on the bus ride home.  I even had my own clan on the bus!  It was made up of a third-grader named Alex, who owned the giant version of the Gameboy, and me. 

    We would always take the back seats of the bus, even though we would get really nauseous while playing games on a moving vehicle.  The seats were a like a sacred shrine to the clan.  At the end of every school day, I would always run as fast as I could all the way from my classroom to the bus, just to claim the back row of squishy seats.  Every time I got close to the school bus, the driver named Chuck would open the doors for me.  It was like he knew those seats were reserved just for Alex and me.

    Eventually, my mother took my Game Boy Pocket away and hid it somewhere because she thought that I was rotting my youth away!  I totally disagreed and to prove my loyalty to “the clan” I searched up and down the house for my Boy.  As a matter of fact, I did find it.  But it came with a price.  My mother had hid my Game Boy in her set of drawers.  However, at that ignorant age of 8, I didn’t yet realize that the garment I had found my Game Boy in was her bra!

    Later, I bought a Special Edition Pokemon Game Boy Color.  My mom hid that too.  Fortunately I still had my Game Boy Pocket but was forced to play color games on a black and white screen.  IT WAS LITERALLY TORTURE!  I quietly thought to myself that I couldn’t wait until the next Game Boy would come out…because then I would get my Game Boy Color back and be fully able to experience 8 bit goodness!

    The game that I spent on the most hours on was Pokemon Blue…wait, or was it Red…or maybe Yellow…nah, it had to have been Silver…no way, Gold was definitely it…ok, it was ONE of those games but the colors aren’t coming to my mind right now.  The main character, Ash, was my idol.  I wanted to be just like him, so I did what I had to.  Since I was only 8, I thought Pokemon were REAL, so I bought an Ash Ketchum hat, stuffed animal Pokemon, and Pokeballs to catch them with.  I must have spent hours trying to perfect my “pokemon-catching” technique.

    Now let’s back to the Pokemon Blue game or should I say CRPG (Colorful Role Playing Game).  I think my worst choice was to pick Charmander as a starting Pokemon because he just horribly sucked.  After getting my Pokedex, I met up with Gary for my first battle.  Gary used Bulbasaur and hit Charmander with a tackle attack.  He fainted.  If I had only known how to swear, I would have done it 100 times.  I quickly restarted the game and chose Squirtle and that became the start of my Pokemon success.

    I played Pokemon Blue almost everyday.  It became part of my life and that was what made me buy Red Version, Yellow Version, Silver Version, and Gold Version.  Thank god I stopped then otherwise I would have burned a hole right through my wallet on Crystal Version, Sapphire Version, Ruby Version, Leaf Green Version, and Fire Red Version.  Now you know what I mean by CRPG (Colorful Role Playing Game.)

    Thank you Gear Live Readers for enduring my story.  I hope you enjoyed my first experience with Nintendo and the story about my first really, really hard game.

    P.S. I sometimes get pissed at my friends when they go, “DS?  Isn’t it just an SP with two screens?”  I reply, “NO IT’S NOT!!!”

    posted by: edder · 1/25/05

  • Like many others here, I also had the original Gameboy.  I had Mario, Kirby, and Tetris, but by far the game I spent the most man-hours on was Tetris.  Not sure there’s ever been a game quite as addicting as that one.  Probably could fill a landfill the batteries I tore through trying to get further and further.

    posted by: Buddyroe333 · 1/25/05

  • My first gameboy was the original one.  Gray, boxy, bulky… It is the best gear to have!  I played Battletoads for the longest time, frustrated each time I died due to not being able to save and having to start all over.  Tetris was a classic.. I played that all the time.  I took this thing every where we me as most people did.  On the airplane when I would travel, all the kids with gameboys seemed find each other and play near the back of the airplane where we wouldn’t be disturbed.  I still have this gameboy today, and YES!  IT STILL WORKS! (unlike my original nintendo whose video is broken.)

    posted by: chicken_smugler · 1/25/05

  • Fourth grade; it was like the height of the Pokemon epidemic; it seemed like everyone but me had a Pokemon game. Agony, it was, listening to people at lunch talking about their latest capture. T.T

    Anyways, around my birthday I of course asked for a Gameboy and Pokemon Blue; I got one up on that! My parents bought me that yellow-and-blue Pokemon Colour gameboy, with Pokemon yellow! Poke’d to the max, lol. (little did I know by the time school started I wouldn’t want to be seen with it; my birthday’s in June) I think that Yellow version still has gotta be the most-played-game in my library.. Played it all summer and even got my parents to drive me two hours to the mall to get Mew.

    What doubled my play time was when I accidentally put it through the wash ‘cuz I had switched out the cartridge to play Pokemon Trading Card Game. 😉 Geez I was a Pokemon freak. Even after all the Pokemons were long dead, I played it at home and with my cousin… And now, of course, I have Sapphire and am waiting to get Fire Red.

    Seriously, Nintendo’s got this untapped market here of closet Pokemon-lovers. I wonder when Pokemon DS’ll be out? Gotta get my pre-order down. =)

    PS… On a side note, I also had the original Pokemon Pikachu toy that looked like a Gameboy… Lots of hours playing slots. xD

    posted by: carsncars · 1/25/05

  • I remember when I was about 5 or 6 going downstairs and stealing the big grey blob called a gameboy ... I used it as a toy and didn’t play it until I turned it on by acident once

    I finally started playing it and bam Im hooked ... The game’s I played the most were GRADIUS III
    Runner up: Mystical Ninja .... which have to be the gamebody MOST UNDERATED GAMES EVER ...... in my thought.

    Also, here’s me dressed up as mario to show you how much I want this Nintendo DS


    posted by: hbkslim · 1/25/05

  • haha, I remember when i was 2 or 3 years old (1992 or 1993), my mom got me the orginialy GameBoy (yes, the big, scary, bulky, ugly, 4 battery, purple buttoned, no color beast). my hands could barely even fit around the thing which made it very difficult to play the only game i had, Jepordy. I had no idea what I was doing, but i’d just play it for hours on end and somehow have fun with it. I guess I was just amazed by the animations (ok so it was more like the screen would change scenes every so often), lol

    posted by: DMoney24 · 1/25/05

  • Like most everybody that already posted,
    my first Nintendo handheld console was the original grey Gameboy. I can remember spending countless hours playing Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. Up until now, I have probably played that game over 50 times. No handheld can compare to the addictiveness of the old Mario games.

    posted by: Acrylic · 1/27/05

  • My first game would have to have been a green gameboy pocket it was my first handheld game ever i got it when i was about to go on a road trip. Even though i have every other kind of game boy i still play with it. The game that i spent the most time on was the first game that i got with it and that was kirby pinball. It was a very interesting game the more you play it more you want to stop but you can’t it pulls you into it i know i spent over 9 hours a day playing non stop. I still play with my kirby game on my Gameboy pocket because it don’t look right on the newer versions of the gameboys. I spent over 50 dollars buying different add ons for it on thing i bought was the magifing light you can put on it to see at night. I use to stay up untill 3:00am playing or i would play until my eye would get blurry.Somtime I would play it so long that when i turn it off i could still hear the music or sound effects from the game. That was when i realised that i needed to cut back on it, But kirby was s addictive. If you play it you will see that everytime you lose or die it make you want to start again. I like the gameboy though because it was easier to carry to places and not get caught, But maybe that was only my opinion. What more can I say my green gameboy pocket was what started my fasination with the video game world.So if you get a chance play kirby it is fun trying to see how high you can get your high score mine is 9000000 haven’t found anyone yet to beat it.

    posted by: ncuffee · 1/30/05

  • My First HandHeld (Nintendo): GameBoy [Green Background; Not even black and white]
    My First Game: Tetris

    This was the best game ever, I still thin it is. I played this game for hours, the Gameboy got hot, I took off the everything that could save pwr. [and i mean everything].

    The battery eventually died before I did. [duracell: they last forever].

    I don’t think anyone can say that Tetris was not the best game then. [It may have lost some interest, but i think it was the best seling game ever].

    posted by: Ob1 · 2/9/05

  • I had the origional gameboy in all it’s bulky glory. I’ve played Pokemon Red, Tetris, and Allyway on it for too many hours to count. I brought that ole girl everywhere.

    posted by: Demented05 · 3/9/05

  • My first Nintendo® Handheld was an original Game Boy®.  I played Pokémon religiously for months and months.

    posted by: cerealkiller741 · 3/9/05

  • My first Game Boy would have to be Game Boy Color. I had a lime green one :D. The game that I spent many hours on was Super Mario Bros. Good times!

    posted by: ram0135 · 3/9/05

  • My first nintendo handheld was the original gameboy and i used to play Dr. Mario all the time and let me tell ya that sh*t was tight

    posted by: dnb55 · 3/9/05

  • The original Game Boy….. that was my first handheld.  I used to haul that thing everywhere.  I’d play several games, but I always enjoyed playing Allyway the most.

    posted by: Timbo8604 · 3/9/05

  • My first was the original Game Boy.  I spent way too much time playing Qix.

    posted by: xplummerx · 3/9/05

  • The original, two-shades-of-green Gameboy was my first handheld system.  I got it and and Metroid 2: Return of Samus for my 8th birthday.  Awesome stuff.

    posted by: KingMob · 3/9/05

  • my very first Nintendo console is the good ol’ GAMEBOY and oh boy i must say it really ROCK my world! i was in gradeschool then and that unit was the center of my universe.

    it was the envy of all students back then and we would cut class to play TETRIS!

    regards from MANILA, PHILIPPINES!

    posted by: privateinbox · 3/9/05

  • The First Gameboy, which i still have. I couldn’t stop playing TETRIS. Holy Crap! TETRIS was like crack. Just couldn’t stop playing it. eventually i would start to look at Multi-colored Tiles on my kitchen floor seeing where the could go to match. Man I was Sad, But those were some awsome times!

    posted by: Laffy666 · 3/9/05

  • Ah yes…the days of greenscale graphics and ginormous handhelds.  My first Nintendo handheld was obviously the original Gameboy.  I got that when I was just a kid from my grandparents and was instantly hooked.  It was the first game console I had ever really owned.  That thing was MINE, and I would spend hours playing Tetris (remember when consoles actually shipped with a game?).  Boxxle was another puzzle game that I would play over and over again.  After a few years, the Gameboy Pocket came out, but I stayed with the old style handheld.  When the Gameboy Color was released, I definitely grabbed one of those (the teal one).  That opened up a whole new era of Gameboy.  I spent the most time with the Zelda Oracle twin games during that time, as well as playing all my old games in four colors.  Donkey Kong ruled on the Gameboy Color.  Then of course, the Gameboy Advance came out and I grabbed one the day it dropped.  With that console I racked up hours and hours with Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, Golden Sun, and both Advance Wars games.  In fact, I think I’ll bust out Golden Sun right now.  Later!

    posted by: jonathanhirz · 3/9/05

  • The first Nintendo handheld I ever had was the original GameBoy.  I had bought it for $20 off some kid about a year or two after it was released (he claimed he found it next to a tree the day after Halloween).  I knew it was probably stolen, but I didn’t care (I had to buy my own NES, my parents didn’t spoil me).  It had a copy of Teenage Mutant Nunja Turtles in it, so I played that quite a bit.  After a while (well, another year) I finally got Tetris, and that cart had been glued inside it until my fiance got me a GBA (specifically to use with Animal Crossing.)  Now the classic Tetris cart resides in my GBA.  What happened to the original GameBoy?  It’s now part of my console collection/museum, along with every other Nintendo syste (except the top-loading NES and the VirtuaBoy.  And the DS, of course.)

    posted by: Dalek G · 3/9/05

  • Original Gameboy - Tetris.  then moved to Gameboy Color and Zelda Ocarina of Time

    posted by: cayers · 3/9/05

  • The first handheld game system was the Game Boy Pocket, but I only had it for about 3 hours because I bought it by accedent instead of the Game Boy Color… I returned it and got the GBC and I was addicted to Links Awakening for about a month.

    posted by: Larry · 3/9/05

  • My first system was the original Game Boy, and at one time i played Tetris for 14 hours straight!

    posted by: Tsmith1290 · 3/9/05

  • I first played the SNES. My favorite game was Super Tennis, which i beat over 3 times in two weeks.

    posted by: RIAAMostwanted · 3/9/05

  • I started at the front of the pack with the big gray box of doom, the original Game Boy.

    Oddly enough, the game I played the most was by far tetris.  For some reason it was completely mesmerizing when I was a little tyke!

    posted by: grifta67 · 3/9/05

  • My very first Nintendo handheld was the original, big, bulky, mammoth monster of a Gameboy, in gray, of course. One of my all time favorite games to play was Qix, a game in which you played as this dot, and you drew lines which connected to the four walls around you. If you got hit by the lightning bolt like thing which randomly flew from point to point on the screen before you connected your line to a wall, you died. Also, sparks of what seemed to be electricity traveled through your lines, and if they hit you, that was it. Flexing my body into the strangest of positions struggling for light took up most of my time, and with my remaining hour of battery life I lived out my life’s dream of being a line making dot.

    I must have played that game for hours and hours, waiting until the batteries died and I had to go replaced them. Qix was one of my best memories, and to this day I still play it sometimes, but now it’s on my purple Gameboy Advance.

    Long live Qix and the great big gray glory that was the original Gameboy.

    posted by: madhatt3r · 3/9/05

  • Gameboy Pocket…That was my first gameboy ever. It was silver and the fact that it was so small, portable, and sleek made me want to play it all the time. I got it in the HUGE pull of the Pokemon days (I had blue version, haha). You couldn’t separate me from it! I also bought an AC Adapter for it so I didn’t have to keep replacing the batteries. The adapter happened to be able to output both 6 and 8 volts. Then one day, by accident, the adapter somehow got changed to 8 volts and my Gameboy got short-circuited or something. That was that. It’s cool how through time, with all the other competition and variations on portable games, Nintendo has continued to keep the original “A” and “B” buttons and the D-pad as well.

    posted by: rudhdogg · 3/10/05

  • My First Nintendo counsel was the Original Pea soup colored screen game boy.  It was as big as a paperback and took 4 AA batteries.  I spent the most time playing tetris on this system. I still have the gameboy and all of its games and am planning on modding the screen to work in a pc for a pc mod

    posted by: lorddaveron · 3/10/05

  • Grr…that’s me two posts up. =D

    posted by: Sceadu · 3/14/05