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PSP Goes Live in Japan - Video Games

PSP Goes Live in Japan

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  • Japanese people are crazy!

    posted by: Roberto · 12/11/04

  • Can’t wait for this to come out in the USA.  Looks sweet…

    posted by: Arob1000 · 12/12/04

  • Man, I can’t wait to get one of these things. Although the DS is pretty cool and I want one of those as well, the PSP is going to blow it away when it finally gets here 😊. Maybe we will get lucky and they will release it even earlier here. lol

    posted by: Scilynt · 12/12/04

  • They might be, but they get to play with the PSP before us. That tech gadget is awesome. I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

    posted by: omcantu · 12/12/04