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AllOfMP3 Offers Cheap Downloads From Abroad

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  • AllOfMP3 has been up and down over the past week, as more and more people are starting to hear about them. I think they are in the process of updating their servers to handle the load. Trust me, they are still in business.

    posted by: Andru Edwards · 6/23/04

  • My uncle works for the RIAA; trust me, they have a plan to shut them down. Enjoy it while you can.

    posted by: greg hansen · 6/23/04

  • Since when does the RIAA control Russia?

    posted by: haha · 6/24/04

  • “My guess is that the RIAA will soon be trying to shut AllofMP3.com down, but they may not be able to. After all, it’s a legitimate Russian business. What may happen instead is that the English version of the site could be taken down, leaving only those that read Russian the option of downloading from the service.”

    Why would the RIAA do this? There are other Anglophones in the world. America is not the only one. To get the Russian-based site to shut down its English component would be overstepping international boundaries. The Brits and Aussies would be denied the ability to use these services. Also, another person made this comment:

    “Since when does the RIAA control Russia?”

    I’ve always been confused what to think about this dilemma. Am I allowed to download foreign music? The RIAA does not protect international musical artists… or do they? I download *tons* of imported music because it’s so difficult to get my hands on!! For those of you that have purchased imported CDs, you can easily relate to my pains. It’s not an easy task, and it is very expensive.

    I hope I can download internationally, and I hope RIAA doesn’t become an international organization. Otherwise, we’re all screwed. =(

    posted by: Andreux · 9/27/04

  • My first thought on this was that since it’s abroad it wouldn’t pay the royalities owed the respectable labels/composers.  And to tell you the truth that is still what I think.  I have used iTunes for a quite a number of years now, yea it costs $.99 a song, but is it really worth the risk to download free ILLEGAL songs and gets crappy quality?

    Nope, I don’t think so atleast.

    posted by: Chrisb · 6/1/08