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iPod touch 2G unboxed - iPod touch 2G unboxing

iPod touch 2G unboxed

There you have it - the 2G unboxed, with all it’s accessories.

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iPod touch 2G: Accessories in box iPod touch 2G: Accessories



  • How do I use that docking station?? I’m really confused.  The plug doesn’t fit in, the ipod doesn’t stay on it and where do I put the dock!

    posted by: Peter · 10/16/08

  • yoo dude

    I was confused as well but It fits into my old docking station 4 my old touch

    Hope this helps.

    (sent from iPod)

    posted by: Joshyy · 10/28/08

  • Whats the white thing? Well maybe I should be more specific, everythings white. Okay well I know there’s headphones and the plug to plug it into the computer, then the manual thing and of course the actual ipod; but I am confused as to what the other white thing is. I hope I do not sound stupud. Thanks for the pictures though! I want a ipod touch bad. I am hopefuly buying one soon.

    posted by: Nikole · 11/16/08

  • The White Rectangular thing with the slot hole is to use when docking your ipod, docks are ussually for different types so this “white thing” fits snuggly to the bottom of your ipod so it sits up right without falling.

    posted by: Samantha · 6/28/09

  • I never got the black thing. Strange.

    posted by: Zachary · 11/26/12

  • What the black thing?

    posted by: Zachary · 11/26/12

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