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iPhone 3G side, white - iPhone 3G Announced

iPhone 3G side, white

The side of the white .

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iPhone 3G side with screen, white HP TouchSmart PC box 2



  • I am very excited about the new iphone.
    I looks sexy as ****. Plus I would love to grab a white iPhone. Looks alot better.
    They also look to be slimmer but im sure thats just the pictures.

    posted by: gohan_bcc1 · 6/9/08

  • Wow, this looks very white!  I think white looks great on the iPhone, and they should have added it to the front too—not just the back.  I hope that Apple also changes the back of the iPod Touch and adds white to it also.  I doubt they will though because it’s features like these that they make to set the iPhone apart from the iPod Touch.

    posted by: SG · 6/24/08

  • Omg! I would love a white iphone! Ii wish it was on pay as u go lol,it seems alot better, bet the people that got the 1st one will be gutted :( x

    posted by: Michael · 7/11/08

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