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Windows 7 Windows Live integration - Windows 7 Screenshots

Windows 7 Windows Live integration

Here we see what looks to be an application that bridges the gap between the desktop and the cloud, with Windows 7 grabbing data from various Windows Live services.

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  • looks nice I hope they get the bugs out before they release it I wont buy it until its out for at least 2 years

    posted by: mental tiger · 5/31/08

  • Yeah, I hope they squeeze all of the bugs out of Windows Live before they release it. I wont’ be buying Windows 7 until a couple of years after its release.

    posted by: BoogerJay · 6/1/08

  • Looks like they’ll make Live Mesh an integral part of Windows 7… but these are real right, I’ve heard about fake Windows 7 pictures and videos.
    The new theme looks even more Aero, hope it’s not the only thing they got right ;D

    posted by: SkyFuser · 6/2/08

  • that looks a nice media centre

    posted by: acid2k1 · 6/2/08

  • Wow, media center is greatly improved in this one!

    posted by: Crater · 6/3/08

  • looks nice the media center has been cleaned up also, much easier to navigate looks like

    posted by: littlebull · 6/3/08

  • Well, I’m still confused about whether these are fakes, or if they are just conceptual designs that were drawn up by Microsoft (with no concrete plans either way).  Regardless of if this screen is a fake or not, I think there should definitely be more integration with Windows 7 and Windows Live services—too much overlap with Vista (like mail applications, photo gallery, etc)

    posted by: BuckeyeFanatic25 · 6/4/08

  • Hmm, not too bad and it is a nice change from Windows Vista, which does show us that Windows do like to try something new with a new version. They have some great ideas and nice little things on Windows 7.

    posted by: jess1ca · 6/6/08

  • I like this look of the Windows Media Center better than the current one.  I also tend to use a lot of Live.com services so this would really be a great addon for Windows 7.  I don’t see all the Live.com services but I hope it includes SkyDrive and other Live.com services like Virtual Earth.  These would be convenient to access right off of the desktop/preloaded with Windows.

    posted by: SG · 6/7/08

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