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Windows 7 disc layout 2 - Windows 7 Screenshots

Windows 7 disc layout 2

Again, this Windows 7 layout is reminding me of the operating system found on the .

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Windows 7 with multiple windows open Windows 7 picture flow



  • You can make the Outside look pretty all you want windows. But please just work more on what is under the ‘hood’. Dont build on VIsta. Start a fresh and Optimize from the ground UP.

    posted by: Dontknow · 6/1/08

  • Agree with DontKnow, start a fresh one with Windows 7. Also, it still reminds me of a Mac.

    posted by: BoogerJay · 6/1/08

  • why would you like a big disk in the middle of your desktop

    posted by: acid2k1 · 6/2/08

  • Red clock and the bottom bar not looking good.

    posted by: Crater · 6/3/08

  • I dont like this one I like the transperancey look. That disc is just there no design or nothing.

    posted by: littlebull · 6/3/08

  • The disc still puzzles me, but out of all the ideas they have presented so far, this one is the one I like the best (which isnt really saying much since I have slammed every image so far)—I do like how they implemented the bar at the top though, and kept the windows button at the bottom

    posted by: BuckeyeFanatic25 · 6/5/08

  • i think this will be a pretty neat update of the same old layout, what i had in mind was the windows phone layout a possibility…Any chance we can get to try out this layout and get a better idea on how it is?

    posted by: juan lopez · 10/31/11

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