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iPhone 1.1.3 Firmware: SMS Multiple People - iPhone 1.1.3 Firmware Preview

iPhone 1.1.3 Firmware: SMS Multiple People

Finally! In Firmware 1.1.3, you can send an SMS message to multiple people at once.

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  • OH. MY. GOD.


    posted by: Sebastian · 12/29/07

  • FINALLY!!! ~ Jan 18th can’t come soon enough… good bye T-mobile… hello Death Star!

    posted by: Christian Hemberger · 12/30/07

  • Nice, but can you forward SMS????? I get great jokes and/or other Text’s that I need/want to forward to friends…

    posted by: Iscarian · 12/30/07

  • Hi. Im new at iphone. My itunes said that theres a new version the firmware 1.1.2. After I download this, the itunes will say my that there is also a new version??
    I have an unlocked phone. Will this new versions lock my phone??
    Do you know how to add, my contacts from my sim to my iphone?? Best regards, and have a wonderful 2008.

    posted by: Fernando Cabeza · 12/30/07

  • yes!!! unfortunately every new update for the iphone will “re-lock” it.

    (at least untill the next hack is available)

    posted by: mr. knowitallaboutgadgets · 12/30/07

  • Hi, I couldn wait for your response, and my phone is locked….......

    I bought it unlocked in U.S., and now I live in South America. Is it possible to unlock it by myself?? is it easy??

    I installed the firmware 1.1.2

    Your prompt reply will be highli appreciated.

    Best regards.


    posted by: Fernando Cabeza · 12/30/07

  • I would also like to know if there will be a fowarding feature on SMS?

    posted by: CB · 12/30/07

  • Forwarded joke text messages?  Yeah, that’s definitely a feature that we’re all looking forward to!

    posted by: Aaron · 12/30/07

  • That is revolutionary, how could Apple come up with such brilliant idea so incredibly fast?

    posted by: GeeJay · 12/31/07

  • there is a new program on the installer of the iphone in networks called isms it lets you send multiple text messages and forward text messages it works a treat

    posted by: wayne · 12/31/07

  • What about the ability to attach pictures to text messages?

    posted by: ray · 1/5/08

  • Its out now…..I just installed it about 30 mins ago. Sad to report, No forwarding and no attachments. Still have to send those pics as emails. ...(at least, as far as I can tell to this point)

    posted by: Bryan · 1/15/08

  • Quanto costa una turbo sim, la vorrei per il mio iphone

    posted by: gianni · 1/16/08

  • hi any way known of saving draft sms text messages to allow you to send it later or when you get back to an area with a signal ?

    posted by: r · 2/6/08

  • thats aswoume

    posted by: acid2k1 · 6/3/08

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