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Halo 3 Zune with Halo 3 Legendary Edition - Halo 3 Zune Unboxing



  • So…........  Can i win the legendary edition?      e-mail me about it.

    posted by: Alec · 9/19/07

  • dude i want one plz email me about this i would do anything 2 win this 😊

    posted by: Eric · 2/20/08

  • I would like to know how to win this for my boyfriend as an aniversary present plz help

    posted by: saica · 6/1/08

  • can someone tell me what halo is about? i know its a game but what makes it so good?

    posted by: littlebull · 6/4/08

  • Great final shot of this and it was gorgeous to see this gallery and all the images. I love the helmet, it looks so shiny and well, neat. Is it really heavy though? 😉

    posted by: jess1ca · 6/7/08

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