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Verizon Wireless Get It Now Review

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  • Nice review. I have VZW, and I like the service. My phone isn’t Get It Now enabled, but I do use txt messaging frequently. You can send them to email addresses if you don’t want to use that email option. You just enter an email address instead of the phone number. Have you seen <a href=“http://www.vtext.com/”>http://www.vtext.com/</a> ?

    posted by: Daniel · 6/18/04

  • but j2me games are ass compared to brew!

    posted by: mrfun · 6/23/04

  • Every day I get quite a few mails from angry Verizon users who ask why they can’t freely upload things on their phones with our service. The only answer I can give them is Anti-Get it Now Petition <a href=“http://www.petitiononline.com/getitnow/”>http://www.petitiononline.com/getitnow/</a>

    This is a petition for Verizon Wireless to stop and disband the “Get It Now” Service, in addition, stop limiting our cellular phones functionality to elevate and promote the “Get It Now” Service. By signing this form you are agreeing that the ?Get It Now? Service should be stopped and our cellular phones functionality should be reprogrammed with the manufactures original features. (i.e. downloading ringtones and backgrounds from the web, J2ME, book marking on web, full SMS functionality, uploading directly to your phone, et

    posted by: George · 7/6/04

  • Very nice DETAILED review.  I don’t have Verizon myself, but it was still a good read.

    posted by: Chrisb · 6/1/08