Get to know the Candidates: Election 2004______Dick Cheney.
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Supports stem-cell research.
Against abortion rights.
Give responsible tax relief by returning 5% of surplus.

Stopped military academies from banning gays.

Kept ban on gays in military; and ban on women in combat.
Halliburton receives $7B in no-bid contracts in Iraq.

Death penalty OK for espionage & treason.
More federal and foreign cooperation in fighting drugs.
Voted against Head Start, and against Dept. of Education.
Supports school prayer.

Supported grants for low-income ?bootstrap schools?.

Open small fraction of ANWR for regulated production .
Voted against Clean Water Act and air pollution sanctions

Co-sponsored bills on acid rain & unleaded fuel.
Voted against WIC welfare nuttrition programs.
UN becomes irrelevant because of failures in Iraq.

Include former Soviet states in NATO for stability.
Supported export promotion & import tax relief.

Voted for Congress salary cap; against Chrysler bailout.
Loosen Bell & telecomm rules; fund SSC.
Voted against WIC welfare nutrition programs.


Hm… this guy really is the anti-Christ isn’t he? :|

Bush coming soon…... :sick:

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meh, wow, you are on big liberal.

Most of these things are small and happen once a year at most.  These things are very obscure.

On Kerrys, how come there isn’t a line that says:

“Fought in Vietnam war, Threw away medals, and protested, and now brags about it”

These things are soo biased it’s not even funny

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Yes, I realize these are biased, so I guess you can take them with a grain of salt… I tried to be as unbiased as possible, but with Cheney, it was pretty hard. Some of Bush’s ideas are a little better, I think, and I’ll try to be as unbiased as possible, but it’s really not hard to see that these guys are run by the copanies that fund them… And I did provide a link to all the issues the candidates support, so you can just ignore my post and go straight for those… I just basically tried to sum up the candidates’ policies. I see what you mean about some issues being minor, and I’ll et rid of those…  😛