Real estate in India
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Real estate has a flourishing market in India. There are many investments in real estate. These investments in real estate are common in the metropolitan cities of the country. There is an increasing demand for properties in the cities. The urban shift is in progress even in the contemporary era. People are frequently shifting from towns and suburbs to the cities. The properties in the cities are in great demand owing to its proximity to the amenities. Earlier the cities were restricted to a radius of few kilometres. But now the city limits are much further. The cities are expanding to accommodate more people and also more amenities for living. Many young people choose to live close to pubs, discos, malls and restaurants. There are many studio apartments that facilitate young people to live the urban life. There is a large crowd of people intending to live in the cities many them employed or running businesses. The property price is also on the hike in cities owing to the demand. However, with ample knowledge in real estate anyone can buy or rent apartments, flats or properties at affordable rates. There are plenty of real estate agents and brokers to assist people to buy or sell their properties. Leasing out properties and apartments is a recent trend. Many businesses around us are functioning in leased properties. Real estate brings together the buyers and sellers of properties and apartments. real estate in india  is developed both in the urban and suburban sectors.  Unlike other countries where the population is settled in cities, India has a fare share of population in the suburbs and townships. The properties in these areas are bungalows or Havelis, villas and plots.