Best Dialogue in a video game?
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I’m a writer in my spare time, and one of the most amazing aspects of great scifi/fantasy writing that I have noticed in all of my favorite writers, which I try my damnedest to emulate, is the art of dialogue writing. Describing an exotically bizarre location is one thing, but to make a character’s voice and words unique and easily understandable and flow with the scene is astonishingly tricky. Some of the most seasoned writers have honestly said they never considered themselves good at it, and others obsess over every line, taking years to finish a book until every line is up to their satisfaction.

In other words, one could say ‘Refuse these accusations, Joseph!’ Or… ‘Say it’s not so, Joe!’

And it says alot of the character, of which they choose to say… even though it is the same line.

Everyone knows the famous Shakespeare line ‘To be, or not to be. That is the question.’ Would a similar line have been remembered a thousand years later if he had said… ‘My life is really starting to suck ass. Should I jump off a cliff to end it all?’

I’ve been a lurker here on Sherdog for a long while and I’ve read many topics of games story and character… but not one discussing dialogue. So, based off the above paragraphs… which game/characters’ has the most unique/memorable lines?

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