StarCraft Tips to Help You Succeed in the Game
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Everyone who plays Starcarft needs tips in order to help them reach the end of the game. Some of the most popular StarCraft tips are:

- Do not be afraid to expand

- At the beginning of a game build your workers first and then out them on minerals instead of doing it the other way around.

- You do need have a defense against comp, so this is something you need to build right way.

- A tower r choke point defense is not the way to work against a human in a no rush game. All you accomplish by doing this is waste food, time and money.

- You need to have your detectors ready at all times and never attack without them.

- Make sure you always leave units behind at your base when you are attacking.

- The first places you should attack are the buildings, the workers and supplies. Always try to target the important production buildings.

- When you have Nydus Canals in your expansion, you are assured of having backup available.

- You should only have 4 workers on a geyser at one time and only 2 workers on a mineral field.

- When attacking have a mixture of units rather than having all one kind.

- When in a battle, use a combination of spells and attacks. This will increase your chances of winning.

- Don’t underestimate the enemy and always be prepared.

- When you go Overlord hunting, use Devourers, Corsairs and Valkyries. If you are playing Zerg, players usually keep all their Overlords at the back.

- Early in the game, use choked units against humans for the best effect.

- Never build a Nuclear Silo as Terrans. You should always build a comsat on your first Command Center.

- You should only attack eggs when you are battling Zerg if you know your units are strong. In general, you should avoid attacking either eggs or larvae.

- Watch your food at all times.

- Start off by attacking your opponents from the air. Then when they spend a lot of their money building up their air defenses. Launch a massive ground attack.

- Never use your last nuke on a building. If you only have one nuke left, aim it at the units.

- Frequent attacks on your opponent in big money maps will help to wear him down.

- Use one unit at a time when attacking rather than have several units attacking different targets at the same time. To do this hold down the shift key when you issue the commands and each unit will finish the attack before the next one begins.

- Parasite critters so that they can walk around the entire map and not get attacked when they get near a target.

- Borrow Zearlings from the resource areas, if you are Zerg. Then when they expands, you can kill the expansion before it is up.

- When you are playing against humans, always put defenses by your workers.

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these are good tips. ill keep this in mind. any particular tips for the protoss race?

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nice tips, I’ll try because I like to play games that is good entertainer for me.

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Thanks for the tips, This will be Help. I always have slip ups that is why i always lose. haha