3 Keys to a more organic game play.
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1. Arm tackles- There should be way more arm tackling animations. Most broken tackles in real life are arm tackles not just trunking people. With layer blending I would like to see defenders that are engaged with a blocker reach out in an attempt to tackle or slow down the ball carrier. Also I would like to see unblocked defenders attempt more arm tackles instead of warping in position to make the tackle.

2. Rating specific moves- We can all agree that most ratings just seem like placbo pills. I think football games can learn alot from the basketball series and one is rating specific moves. Having a DT with 90+ block shedding will give him a different and more affective block shedding techinque. A CB with 90+ MCV will have a different and more affective set of pass defense moves and so on and so forth. And maybe most importantly they find some specific animations for blocking so you cant place a punter @ LT and have him hold his own with an All-American DE.

3. Tendencies- I have been stressing this since last dev. cycle. Having tendencies ensure your individual opponents plays to their strength and gives them personality. Add some additional ratings maybe on a scale of 1 to 5. Something like

  * Physicality - How often do they look for contact.
  * Risk taking - How often do they take chances.
  * Discipline - How well do they avoid mistakes.
  * Athletism(QB specific tendency) - How often does the QB look to take off with the football. If this tendency is low the QB will hardly run and will more often throw the ball away if a given amount of seconds pass or in the face of pressure.(because the CPU QB’s never just throw the ball away)

I think this will add a great amount of realism that is really lacking in this game.

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Arm tackles- There should be way more arm tackling animations.

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We can all dream about these wonderful features being in NCAA

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this is interesting game show,please give me a link to downloading this show

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Really it’s a very interesting

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I want to know that where i can get this game in free…..

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