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I love this game!My best friends and I recently entered the fourth decade in life. It’s true…the young do not realize how long youth can last. Yet the life experience we have gained allows us to reflect on the past. So as we here at Dropping Dimes launch into a new and exciting direction, it felt like a great time to share some thoughts on some players who jump out at me when I think back to earlier days.

A list like this is so hard to rank. Sometimes it was just a lasting impression that still rings true today. Other times it was about paying tribute to a player’s stellar career. This isn’t about the “best” players over the last 30 years. Otherwise names like Clyde Drexler, Patrick Ewing and Jason Kidd would probably be listed below. Nor do I pretend to think this list is comprehensive; as hard as I tried to remember every aspect and every angle of the NBA, it still feels like a few deserving guys are left off. This was a personal venture but my goal with this was to stir up some thoughts and emotions, both mine and yours. May you become motivated enough to think a little about your own list! Thanks in advance for reading.

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John Stockton, our paragonFantasy basketball… the Rodney Dangerfield of the three major fantasy sports.  For all of us hoop heads, it’s a sad state of affairs that basketball and its popularity has waned in the past several years due to various events - His Airness, Michael Jordan retiring, the U.S. Basketball team putting up poor performances in international play, Ron Artest vs. the Palace, and other things - and the NBA has almost gone the way of hockey.  Just not so popular anymore. 

But, with a great postseason from all its teams (except the Memphis Grizzlies) put behind us, Dwyane Wade with his NBA Finals show inching up to being as popular as LeBron James, who is perhaps the key to bringing back the popularity the NBA had while Jordan was playing, some great young players suck as Chris Paul, Adam “The Stache” Morrison around the league, and the chance for redemption starting with this summer’s World Championships, and the NBA can be right back on the map of the masses’ consciousness.  And us fantasy basketballers will be right there to ride the wave.

Hence this blog.

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