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DescriptionI come to you not even 48 hours after my beloved Cavs have been bounced from the playoffs.  Paul Pierce, well played.  Cleveland supporting cast, I wish I could stay the same. There’s a reason that LeBron James is the only Cavalier in this tournament.  All I have to say is that Danny Ferry better get to work.

With that said, last week brought us a showcase of guard talent.  This week takes a slightly different twist, bringing us a truckload of big men.  While two of them are pictured to the right, there are a few more that will deserve some consideration. 

Let’s cut to the chase and get on with this week’s match-ups.

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AI vs. DeronTo the three voters for the All-NBA team that did not name Chris Paul to the first team; you need to seriously have your head examined. Two voters picked Steve Nash instead and one vote went to Tracy McGrady. Come on, people! To pick Nash ahead of Paul means you have not watched ball since last season. The Hornets had a better record, Paul did more with less established talent around him, not to mention he had superior overall stats. As for McGrady, I guess it was a nod to the Rockets’ winning streak.

Nash was in action last week. Does he get to move on? Paul suits up this week, so check out who we have him partnered with? And the picture gives you a preview of who else is part of our hype match-ups this week!

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Joe J and Steve Nash

The Fig Cap: Hey, where are you watching the second round?

Man, do I have some big shoes to fill or what?  Pinch-hitting for Alvin today, I get to break down what could be two of the best match-ups we’ve seen thus far. 

While we get to see who won last week’s battles, this week brings us a few big-named bigs against two big-named guards as well as a match-up that features the recently crowned Rookie of the Year facing a former two-time MVP.  While you will likely be able guess at least two of the eight from these clues alone, let’s check out the rest of the field.

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LeBron driving past Chris KamanLBJ and his Cavs got the job done against the Washington Wizards in game one of their first round series. Confidence should be admired, but adding fuel to the fire against someone like LeBron seems like risky business. Just ask Chris Bosh’s girlfriend.

Let’s recap the opening two games and set up the two-on-two matches for the upcoming week.

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DescriptionOur one-on-one tourney was a blast to conduct last year and you can click on the link to check it out. Spoiler alert! The link takes you to the winner being crowned and the page has links to all of the match-ups.

So what better way to follow that up but to double the pleasure, double the fun and make it a two-on-two tourney, people! G’yeah! There are only four more days before the regular season comes to a close. Thankfully us hoopheads have two months of playoff action to look forward to, but fantasy play dies down in favor of baseball, golf and barbeque unless you and your buddies set up a playoff pool. So check back every Sunday and give us your ten cents for the match-ups we set up for you! Who will be the “Dynamic Duo” when all is said and done?

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I was fortunate enough to be about five rows back at last night’s Cavaliers game as they took on the Wizards.  While the game was a blowout, this meant we were handed a lot of Damon Jones

If you do one thing today, make sure it is a search for pictures from last night’s game as you’ll get to see Damon Jones’ new haircut.  While he can be seen here giving Nick Young the business, I’ll try to find a better angle.  It’s a sight to be seen.

With that said, someone tell me that Damon’s day job doesn’t involve playing the character Beetlejuice on the Howard Stern show…

Photographic proof after le jump…

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To send us to the weekend, I have to show you guys this video of Drew Gooden found over on ESPN.

Thanks to this clip, I know now the meaning of “Boss Up,” and that Drew rocks to Tears for Fears.  Have a good one, all.

Gilbert ArenasThough seemingly very deep, this year’s fantasy drafts could easily see four point guards go off the board within the first 12 selections.  The top tier of this season’s point guard class is obviously one that not only drops dimes at will, but also dominates in another category or two (whether they be scoring buckets, swiping rocks, or draining three-balls).  This breakdown should not only give an idea as to what to expect from the top point men this season, but also to show that if you aren’t lucky enough to land one of the top five, your team will be sufficiently staffed with any of the top 25 mentioned here.  We’re also starting to see an emergence of a “Point Guard by Committee” on a few teams, which may hurt the value of a few guys. 

Without further ado, your 2006 fantasy basketball point guards.

(Note: DroppingDimes.com’s overall rank in parenthesis)

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Round 5, Pick 1: Chris Kaman, C, Los Angeles Clippers

While the “looks” may have waved bye-bye to this guy quite some time ago, fantasy production is all about “opportunity.”  And what better way to increase a player’s opportunity than to increase his minutes per game by about 27%?  This is exactly what happened in Los Angeles, when former MAC big man Chris Kaman was given about 33 minutes a game last year.  One quick glance at his stats, and nothing crazy may jump out at you, but something tells me that Kaman may be one of the best second centers in fantasy basketball this season – if not a solid C1.

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